Little Door Gods releases English trailer



When the Guardians of Homes start losing their jobs in modern society, one group of gods try to wreck havoc to make themselves needed again.

Following the most successful season of Chinese animation,  the highly anticipated (by me, anyways)   Little Door Gods 小门神 released another trailer, this time with English subs!  The animated feature follows a pair of door gods looking to save their jobs as people lose their faith.  The film airs on January 1st next year, and is the first feature animation from startup Light Chaser Animation. Hopefully the story is as good as it looks and there’ll be more to come!

7 thoughts on “Little Door Gods releases English trailer

  1. Ahh, this looks so interesting! I am especially intrigued by the idea of what happens to gods once people stop needing/believing in them–reminds me of American Gods by Neil Gaiman (except hopefully not as dark). Hopefully will be able to see this online soon!

  2. Where do you usually watch new Chinese movies? I haven’t found a great place to since I’m not in China.

    • Youtube, youku, iqiyi, , etc. Most Chiinese movies are in theaters for a month only, and then after that they’re put on major video sites for free (or a very small fee). A lot of the mainland ones are also available on YouTube a few days after airing date.

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