Weibo Wednesday: September 23, 2015

This is less of a Weibo Wednesday update and more of round-up of a bunch of celebrities who announced they were dating (or in one case, married) and whom we couldn’t bother devoting an entire post to. Let me know if there are any celebrities you’d like an update from, because the Weibosphere has been a little dry lately, tbh.

Chen Xiao dating Michelle Chen

陈晓: 总有一天,你会跟我姓 [鲜花][兔子][兔子][兔子]@陳妍希michelle

Michelle Chen dating Chen Xiao

陳妍希michelle: @陈晓 [心][心][心][兔子]

Whether you loved or hated The Romance of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣), you gotta admit that the way leads Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen went public with their real-life relationship is pretty cute.

Chen Xiao: There will be a day when you will share my surname.

Chen Xiao dating Rachel Mao Xiaotong

陈翔橙: 很高兴遇见你@毛晓彤 ️

The Condor Heroes also gave us another couple in Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong (Rachel Mao). As far as I know, the two didn’t share any scenes in the drama (since their characters are from different eras), but they previously collaborated on the music video for Chen Xiang’s “Journey Together” (同行) in 2014.

Chen Xiang: Very happy to meet you.

Top Combine's Kenny Liu Zhoucheng married

至上励合刘洲成kenny : 如果有下辈子,我一定会跟你在一起,人会有下辈子吗?不知道,所以我现在就要 @MiuViki

And now for the announcement that nobody saw coming… Top Combine‘s Liu Zhoucheng (aka Kenny) is now married! His wife, who goes by “MiuViki” on Weibo, says that she is the marketing director for the Canada branch of Galaxy Lighting. Congratulations to them!

If there is a next life, I will definitely be with you. Do people have a next life? I don’t know, so I want @MiuViki now.

Zhang Yuan says happy birthday to Jin Ensheng

至上励合张远: 五啊,这是你走之前最后一个生日了,在中国陪你的七个生日都祝你生日快乐~下次可就是三年后了…到时候哥哥带着孩子来给你过三十大寿[酷][悲伤][心][蛋糕]

In other Top Combine news, Zhang Yuan wished fellow member Jin Ensheng (Xiao Wu) a bittersweet happy birthday right at midnight on September 17. Last I heard, Top Combine is planning to release one last album before Xiao Wu’s mandatory military service in Korea. As for whether they’ll reunite after… *crosses fingers and tries not to cry*

Oh Wu, this is your last birthday before you leave. I wished you happy birthday for all of your seven birthdays that I spent with you in China~ The next time, it might be three years after… At that time, I’ll bring a child to wish you happy 30th.

Zhang Danfeng's daughter and Tang Bao

张丹峰: 她俩终于合影啦,我的小糖宝和“糖宝”。。。[爱你][爱你]

For those of you who fell for Zhang Danfeng after seeing him in The Journey of Flower (花千骨)… well, sorry, he’s already taken and has a one-year-old daughter! Here’s a photo of Yannes Zhang (his real daughter) holding a plushie of Tang Bao (his “daughter” on the show).

They finally got a picture together, my little Tang Bao and “Tang Bao.”

And while we’re on the topic of The Journey of Flower… I’m not the only one facepalming at the idea of the modern-day sequel, right?

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    • Yeah. I also really liked Mao XiaoTong’s character Ling Ge too. She was pretty sweet, but wasn’t really an idiot either. And her styling was really pretty.

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