The Disguiser releases stills of Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wang Kai

If you have seen this show and did not fall in love with Jin Dong’s character, I will offer myself to let him shoot me. Actually, I’ll gladly have him shoot me anytime.

In the cutest family of double and triple agents, the Ming family must guard against each other while trying to protect each other at the same time. Even in their own home, each of the Ming family members must put on multiple disguises to hide their true identities.

Remaining funny and heart-warming while being fast-paced and intense,   The Disguiser 伪装者 is the best drama of the year for me so far.  This show is definitely a must even for those who avoids Republican-era shows at all costs (i.e. me) for their darkness and political overtones. With amazing acting (from some) and great character profiles, even the antagonists are clever, multi-dimensional, and worth-loving.

Call me maybe? cr: Weibo

Call me maybe?                               cr: Weibo

Added to that is one of the most perfect character duos in a drama ever, Ming Lou (Jin Dong) and Ming Cheng (Wang Kai) .  The pair of triple agents got the looks, the style, the wisdom, the humor, and hearts of gold.  Despite my fondness for Hu Ge,  who heads the other plotline of the drama,  Jin Dong and Wang Kai’s plot provides so much contrast in the level of writing and acting.  Not a word of dialogue is wasted in their plotline, and a lot of their scenes consists of them just looking at each other, but  so many layers of emotion that comes through the screen that they really hit you. Their voice acting is so good that even the Peking Opera part in the show are voiced by the two themselves.

Publishing this post that jjss08 drafted in June but never got around to translating the plot since I still can’t find the words to express how awesome it is. (Seriously, I have almost 2000 words written on this show that will probably never be published) -idarklight

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14 thoughts on “The Disguiser releases stills of Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wang Kai

    • Haha, I thought he was adorable as Chen Jiaming! He’s such a great actor that you forget his other roles when you watch him.
      There’s a 10-min scene in All Quiet in Peking where it’s almost all him talking to a room full of some of the most impressive actors of the older generation. His character enters very stiff (purposefully), then turns rebellious, then angry, then frustrated, and finally becomes teary-eyed. The most impressive part was that in addition to the perfect transition of the various emotions of his role, this scene concluded with a drop of tear that fell down exactly as he finished his last word. They filmed this whole scene on the very first try.

      • Is All Quiet in Peking good? i.e. worth my time watching in addition to this and Nirvirna in Fire?

        I’m starting to love all the dramas produced by Shandong. They are all such high quality and the acting is amazing from the cast. I wonder if anyone knows what is good to watch from their previous productions?

        • All Quiet in Peking is really good, but it’s also really slow and requires a lot of walnuts. Half of the show involves six men sitting around a table and talking. Also the main female characters and Liao Fan’s character are painful to watch.
          闯关东 is a classic, but it’s less idol-y (Jin Dong is a major character in the second half and he’s very young and pretty in it).

          Not from the same company, but I also recommend New Detective Squad 新神探联盟之包大人来了. It’s a Republican take on Justice Bao. The script is really modern and a lot of fun, the production quality is pretty good, and both Wang Kai and George Hu are really good-looking in it.

          • I’ve watched New Detective Squad – it was so good! First drama that I watched with Wang Kai in it and that’s how I got to know him. He manages to fit serious roles really well (never watched 丑女无敌) and his acting is great.

        • Nirvana in Fire is up there with Disguiser for me…different genre and time period, but magnificent. Watch it!

      • wow! it makes me want to watch 北平无战事 but I haven’t seen 北平无战事 or 丑女无敌.
        do you remember what episode that scene was?

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