Photoshoot Friday: The Disguiser/Nirvana in Fire cast


Because I love them so much, a few photoshoots of the cast of The Disguiser and/or  Nirvana in Fire, including Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Wu Lei, Chen Ou, and Lilie Matsumine. No Hu Ge since we post on him usually anyways.

First is Wang Kai, who has gained a small following despite never having played a lead. The Central Drama Academy graduate has one of my favorite voices in the industry, a voice so smooth and deep that I have mp3 versions of his dialogues in The Disguiser to fall asleep to. He plays the smooth killer and skilled negotiator with an artistic heart, the loyal and faithful soldier to Ming Lou’s general, in The Disguiser. In Nirvana in Fire, he is the Prince whom Meichang Su (Hu Ge) is determined to make Emperor. I’m beyond ecstatic that he and Jin Dong gained fame through The Disguiser.



Liu Tao, gorgeous in black and white for Femina and casual in Lohas .






Wu Lei, who is in everything now.



The sadistic but gorgeous head of the secret police in The Disguiser is an antagonist you’ll learn to love, thanks to Wang Ou‘s excellence performance. Her job is to catch spies in The Disguiser, but is a spy for Meichang Su herself in Nirvana in Fire. She must really hate Wang Kai because her loves in both dramas only cares about Wang Kai’s characters.


Jin Dong has had a record number of two more photoshoots since we first posted on him six years ago! He is the breakout star of The Disguiser. Despite having gained 40 pounds for the role, the pure aura of his role made his character perfect in every way. He guest stars as the flamboyant doctor in Nirvana in Fire.

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Finally, because she has no other good photos but is one of my favorite antagonists in a long time, Central Drama Academy graduate Lilie Matsumine, who plays a commander in the Japanese secret police that tries to turn Wang Kai’s character against Jin Dong’s in The Disguiser. Her voice is used both when speaking Japanese and Chinese in the show.
Lilie Matsumine

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  1. Excited about both shows but can’t seem to find subtitles for either in English, which is my primary language. Would struggle through the Chinese but alas, that’s impossible to locate too!
    Thanks for sharing these photoshoots, they’re gorgeous!

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