Nirvana in Fire gears up for release

Warning: Induces “the gimmes.”

Nirvana in Fire , starring Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wu Lei, Chen Long, Liu Tao, etc., is finally going to be released and has been releasing promo materials.  September 19th is finally almost upon us so release the Kracken!!

More stills and promo materials below the cut.

Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3


16 thoughts on “Nirvana in Fire gears up for release

  1. So excited for this. I’ve been wanting to post on The Disguiser but have been too busy rewatching every episode for the nth time. Once this airs, it’s going to be so hard to keep the characters straight since they have practically the same cast. Too bad Jin Dong is just a guest star here and has no interaction with Wang Kai.

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