“Love Me If You Dare”, Wallace Huo the criminal psychologist is coming


Are you excited for what could be mainland’s most intense idol drama in years?

Imagine  Wallace Huo as Sherlock but with an evil alter ego and heterosexual, Ma Sichun as Watson but with less fighting abilities,  Zhang Luyi  as Hannibal x Moriarty and totally obsessed with freeing his soulmate (Wallace Huo’s character’s alter ego),  and Wang Kai as Lestrade but younger, more handsome, more competent,  and with a deep, husky voice.

Long known for their tight-woven plots of espionage interwoven with heartfelt tales of  love, Shandong TV is coming out with their first modern idol drama – Love Me If You Dare 他来了,请闭眼 (literally He’s Coming, Close Your Eyes) .   The drama is scripted by Hai Yan of the Nirvana in Fire and directed by Kong Sheng.

Watch the official trailer released today and be excited for October!

P.S. Is anyone watching Shandong’s The Disguiser? If my interests in Nirvana in Fire was 100 % before, it’s about 200%  now.

17 thoughts on ““Love Me If You Dare”, Wallace Huo the criminal psychologist is coming

  1. I watched both The Disguiser and Nirvana =D Due to how much I like Wang Kai, I also saw that detective show he was in.
    GREAT shows, all three of them. I wish Wang Kai had a bigger role in Love Me If You Dare, but it seems interesting enough to watch =3

  2. Sigh… I WANTED to watch Disguiser but I understand zilch Mandarin, reaaaalllly wish it will get subbed along with All Quiet in Beijing and Nirvana in Fire. Should I learn Mandarin instead? Is it hard?

    • Do you know Cantonese? Because most mainland dramas have subtitles. I doubt the Disguiser or All Quiet in Beijing will ever be subbed since the leads are communists.

  3. FINALLY!!! Everything about the trailer looks super good yay! Finally a drama with all the castings done right! Hope they really follow the novel, but by the looks of it they are doing so! So excited to see Jian Yao and Jin Yan come alive!

  4. Oh. Disguiser. I watched the first episode when it came out but I didn’t continue. Should I? Did u watch it?

    • Yes! I’ve been watching each episode at least three times. Hu Ge’s plotline is a bit weak and I skip parts of it, but the two older brothers’ plotline is definitely worth every minute. It’s brain-consuming at times, but also full of humor and fun. Even the “bad guys” there are human and lovable in their own ways.

      I’ve always liked Jin Dong and Wang Kai, but this drama definitely kicked it up a notch. Both are amazing actors who really brings their character to life, portraying two highly focused and intelligent triple agents while also capturing their frailty and emotions. Watching their characters set the scene and trying to outmaneuver everyone, including Hu Ge’s character, is kind of the cutest thing in the world.

      • Sweet. HG’s didn’t interest me and the first ep was mostly him so I stopped. I am eagerly waiting for Nirvana though. That I can’t wait for it. But gimme some more Wallace please. Hehe.

        • I just watched today’s episode. I think everyone who is not a dieheart Hu Ge fan would now prefer commercial break over his scenes interrupting Wang Kai and Jin Dong’s scenes. His character is suppose to be the cute baby-of-the-family, but mostly turned out to be a spoiled brat.

          But, Wang Kai and Jin Dong <3 Their acting was sooo good this episode. They have a bunch of scenes today that consists of them just looking at each other, but you can feel all the dialogue that's going between them.

          Now I really wish Jin Dong and Wang Kai were the leads in Nirvana in Fire, and am concerned Nirvana in Fire won't live up to The Disguiser because I'm not sure Hu Ge can pull it off.

          • I’m not sure about Hu Ge either, it’s not like he can’t act but he tends to make the characters he played unlikable, am not sure how. But I trust the production team this time around

            • He looks pretty good in the trailer. I think he should be able to pull this one off, especially since it’s really hard to make Meichang Su unlikable.

              • Yes i like jin dong n wang kai character… Yes ur right ming jia aka hu ge character here is a little bit weak at first but as the story development, i think his character become more lively. I also like yu man li (song yi). I hate why the female lead not her but that nurse girl ( forget her name), coz i think her acting quite bad if you compare with the other actor. I also like ta jie character so big sister that always want to protect ming jia. I also like the relationship between the teacher n ming jia.

  5. Wow!! This is an excellent trailer. Looks really good. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait!!

    Question, is Wallace’s voice dubbed or are they using his real voice?

    • Real voice! Most of Shandong’s drama are all original voices, but some may be dubbed afterwards (by the same actor). In the Disguiser, even the Japanese leads use their original voices for both Chinese and Japanese.

      • That’s awesome. I don’t mind it as long as it is with the actor’s own voice. WH sounded so man. Loved it. I esp liked the scene where he tells her what she is wearing is not flattering. He didn’t do the elevator scan and just continued to stare at her clothing. If he did then it would have been a bit much. So gimme WH in modern day in a suit anytime. Yum.

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