Dilireba and William Chan are both so good-looking, why aren’t they in a modern drama together yet.

Can you please star in a modern drama together, pretty please?
Can you please star in a modern drama together, pretty please?


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5 thoughts on “Dilireba, William Chan for Fashion Bazaar”

    1. There is some semblance… but imo I think she looks a little more… natural?… maybe its due to being younger…

    2. Have you seen Dilireba in anything? I don’t think they have that much in common. She has a round face, Fan’s is like a thin oval with a triangle on the bottom. Fan has a more “Asian” nose, she has a very sharp nose. Their eyes and mouths are also not alike at all. In general, Dilireba has more of a girl-next-door feel (except for the pronounced nose).

      1. Ah, the classic “goose egg” or “sunflower seed” face shape~
        Hmm. I suppose Dilireba’s make-up here is a bit reminiscent of Fan Bingbing’s typical style, but their facial features aren’t all that similar..

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