Border Town Prodigal releases stills

Really appreciate how the cloth choice on some of the costumes turned out.

Border Town Prodigal has released more stills.  Starring Zhu Yilong,Ye Qingbin, Qiu Xinzhi, Zhang Xinyu, Chai Biyun, Vincent Jiao Enjun, Gong Mi, and Zhang Junning.  I have to say that after seeing more stills, there are definitely some elements that work and others that I’m still sitting on the wall about.

More stills below the cut.

4 thoughts on “Border Town Prodigal releases stills

  1. Viann Zhang looks a lot prettier and sweeter and younger with just a simple change in expression. I’m just so used to seeing her look super fierce (Patriot Yue Fei) and sometimes evil (Kang Min, Li Mo Chou) that it’s nice to see her like this.

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