Song in the Clouds may actually be releasing soon

My main gripe with idol dramas and lots of Yu Zheng’s dramas is that at some point, I start singing “If I Only Had a Brain” nonstop… let’s hope that doesn’t happen again… even if I end up only clicking through this one… >.<

Song in the Clouds looks to be having a possible release on September 13th.  Starring Angelababy, Lu YiChen Xiao, Yang Rong, Du Chun,  and Su Qing, those who are still waiting for this drama will hopefully finally be able to see it air.  Stills, promotional trailers, music, and Yu Zheng’s usual barrage of promotional materials have been released.

More stills and a trailer below the cut.

Trailer 1Trailer 2, Trailer 3, Trailer 4, Trailer 5, Trailer 6, Trailer 7,

The only point in going through the trouble of riding a carriage in a drama was for a shot like this.

Never mind that some of the costuming for this drama may be out of date by now for Chinese drama standards. Some of us will still probably watch just for you, Chen Xiao.

It’s a perfectly cloud-LESS day!! How the @#$# is there SNOW?!?

Commoner garb: single-colored clothing

Wealthy aristocrat: Flowery bed sheets.

Affiliation with royalty: shower curtains from IKEA.

… damn… you didn’t have to HELP me make my point…


… just be glad Yu Zheng hasn’t whipped out plaid on Chinese hanfu yet…

…and hopefully, Yu Zheng will not make me speak too soon…


4 thoughts on “Song in the Clouds may actually be releasing soon

  1. More Promos (Sorry if there’s repeats… there’s so many and I think I’m getting lost… if there ever was such a thing as over-advertising…):


  2. I thought this was out long ago around when sound of the desert came out…. Oh well might as well watch it just to see Chen Xiao since it’ll be awhile till his next drama comes out.

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