Music Monday: August 31, 2015

Last week(aka two months ago)’s winners are TF BoysDoting Love.  Here’s the dance version of their MV. 

Fresh geek have yet another fun song and pretty MV, Summer Fighting.  This is exactly the type of MV’s and songs mainland boybands should’ve been aiming for since the beginning.

Your screen is not broken. It’s just Contemporary Art from Yen-j.

Ning Huanyu officially takes the throne as my favorite  2013 Super Boy with  his latest self-composition, Putonghua. He’s released more good songs than all the other 2013 Super Boys combined.   Do you think I’m good enough for her? and Mystery are so far my favorite songs from him.

Joey Wong and Hacken Lee sing the seductive ballad The World is so Small 世界真細小. Joey Wong’s voice kind of reminds Ivana Wang here.

Linfair girls Claire Kuo, Pets Tseng, Fang Wu, and Jin Wen Tseng team up for Girlfriends.  I love how Linfair does these collaborations, although I miss Angela Zhang and Huang Yali in the mix.

By2 plays a game of Cat and Mouse for their new album. The lyrics are by someone called Luke “Skywalker” Tsui….

Piao Shu returns with a new album after a gazillion years. Here’s his latest song, On Jupiter 在木星. The opening is reminiscent of Born Like Summer Flowers.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: August 31, 2015

  1. Ning Huanyu is so awesome,and I’m loving the diversity he’s showing in his compositions. Does anybody know what language (if any) is the voice in the beginning of the song?

  2. Hi, I was thinking it’d be nice to include tao (past exo member) in this post since his music is pretty refreshing and creative compared to other chinese pop artists

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