Top sci-fi award awarded to The Three Body Problem


 Astronaut Kjell Lindgren announced the award from the International Space Station.

At the Hugo announcements today, The Three Body Problem‘s author Liu Cixin and translator Ken Liu (himself a former Hugo winner for short story)   became the first Asians to win the prestigious Hugo award for Best Novel.  It is also the first translated book to win. This may be their first, but it may not be their last as the second in the trilogy, The Dark Forest  (translated by Joel Martinsen ), was released earlier this month.

Complementary stills from the film starring Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Jingchu, Tang Yan, Zhang Han below the cut.




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  1. I just finished reading this book during the summer. Liu Cixin is a very imaginative author. Grass is always greener on the other side and be careful of what you wish for are two main lessons from the book.The characters and especially the setting from the stills look exactly as I imagined them to look like when I was reading this book!

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