Every season of ‘The Voice Of China’ consists of a Battle Round where the coaches invite another celebrity singer to be their advisor in the coaching rounds. With past invitees including Coco Lee, Wang Feng,  Leehom Wang, Jam Hsia, and Ella Chen, I’d have to say the biggest hype of advisors would happen to be the ones officially announced in last night’s episode of Season 4.

The official lineup goes like this:

Harlem Yu to invite JJ Lin

Wang Feng to invite G.E.M

Na Ying to invite Li Jian

Jay Chou to invite Amei

Wow, talk about exciting! These four advisors are one of Asia’s top and hottest singers right now, so it seems like a good plan on The Voice of China’s part on increasing the ratings and views.

Are you guys excited with this year’s choice of advisors?

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