Weibo Wednesday: August 12, 2015

Zhang Han and Gulinazha kissing in front of a bus

张翰: [rat] [heart] [monkey] @我是娜扎

If you follow any of the younger Chinese actors, you probably already know about this news: Zhang Han more or less announced that he was dating Gulinazha, his costar from the upcoming The Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海经之赤影传说). The Weibo post is just a photo of the two kissing in front of a passing bus, with a simple message saying “Rat loves Monkey” (referring to their zodiac animals) and tagging Gulinazha, but it’s a low-key and sweet way to go public.

Mark Chao and Li Chen on a bike

范冰冰: 你们好配!@高圆圆 // HERO趙又廷: @范冰冰

In other relationship news, Mark Chao posted a photo of him and Li Chen posing on a bike and tagged Fan Bingbing, who began dating Li Chen about 2.5 months ago. In response, Fan Bingbing brought the matter to the attention of Gao Yuanyuan, Mark’s wife.

Mark Chao: @Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing: You two are a good match! @Gao Yuanyuan

Jimmy Lin with son and wife, expecting second child

夢想家林志穎: 今年的爸爸节很特別,因为我们家即将诞生新成员,kimi变成真正的黑米哥哥啦!未来,他们会一起嬉闹,一起成长,这应该就是我最好的父亲节礼物吧!

Kimi is going to be a big brother! On Chinese Father’s Day (because August 8 sounds like “dad” in Chinese), Jimmy Lin posted a photo of him, his son, and his wife Kelly Chen, announcing that they are expecting a second child. Congrats to them!

This year’s Father’s Day was very special, because a new member is about to be born into our family. Kimi will become a real big brother! In the future, they will joke around together and grow up together. This should be the best Father’s Day gift I have gotten!

Cindy Tian Yucheng tries to take a picture without opening camera lens

田亮: 拍照呢,最重要就是看感觉,森碟发现了一个特别配合的模特,拿起相机咔咔拍半天,可是总觉得哪里不对[思考]……

Already in possession of a younger sibling, fellow Where Are We Going? Dad veteran Cindy Tian Yucheng is as cute as always. In this photo posted by dad Tian Liang, Cindy is crazily snapping pics of her photogenic dad (we would do the same), without realizing that… the camera lens isn’t open.

When taking photos, the most important thing is the feeling. Cindy discovered an especially compatible model, so she picked up her camera and clicked away for half a day. But I keep feeling that something’s not quite right……

Bao Bei'er cosplaying Wuba from Monster Hunt

包贝尔: 胡巴胡巴

Bao Bei’er shows us how to cosplay Wuba, the adorable demon monster from the Monster Hunt (捉妖记) movie starring Jing Boran. Not sure if this cosplay is cute or just disturbing.

Wuba Wuba

Zheng Kai tries drawing Liu Shishi

郑恺: 我说我不会画画,诗诗说没关系,于是…@刘诗诗

When filming Precious Youth (那年青春我们正好), Zheng Kai tried drawing a picture of Liu Shishi, only to end up with… uh… this. So much fail.

I said I couldn’t draw. Shishi said that’s okay, so… @Liu Shishi

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  1. The emoticons refer to their zodiacs!? I honestly thought they represented the actors… since Nazha (her ears) looks like a mouse and ZH a monkey…

  2. Although my love of HanShuang had not ended yet, I wish those two (Nazha & Han) a happy relationship.

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