Air date update: August 2015

More excited for Hu Ge’s drama next month, but ah well…

The following dramas are supposed to come out sometime in August:
01.解忧公主(2015年08月) Princess Jieyou (Zhang Xinyi, Yuanhong) 
02.新萧十一郎(2015年08月) New Xiao Shiyi Lang (Yan Kuan, Gan Tingting)
03.武神赵子龙(2015年08月) God of War: Zhao Zilong (Lin Gengxin, Yuna)
04.心香女人(2015年08月) Women of Heart’s Fragrance (Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong)
05.调皮王妃(2015年08月) The Mischievous Princess
06.女子日记之做决定事务所(2015年08月) A Girl’s Diary: Things (I’m) Determined to Do

07.裸嫁时代(2015/8/2) Because of Love (Wang Lei, Cao Xiwen)
08.我的铁血金戈梦(2015/8/3) My Dream of Iron Blood, Gold Ge
09.暗黑者2(2015/8/3) Death Notify, The Darker Season 2 (this was supposed to come out in July)
10.枪火英雄(2015/8/3) Heroes Among Gunfire
11.迫在眉睫(2015/8/4) Imminent (Gillian Chung, Baron Chen)
12.太行山上(2015/8/4) On Mount Taixing (Tang Guoqiang)
13.秀才遇到兵(2015/8/5) The Genius Meets the Soldiers (Li Chen, Ma Su)
14.我的绝密生涯(2015/8/9) My Sweet (and Sexy?) Career
15.神犬小七(2015/8/9) The Divine Dog Xiao Qi (Hayden Bea/Kuo Beating, Jin Shijia)
16.校花的贴身高手(2015/8/10) An Expert by the Side of the School Beauty
17.拆局专家(2015/8/10) An Expert at Breaking Ruses
19.我的媳妇是女王(2015/8/11) My Wife is a Queen (Huo Siyan)
20.狐影(2015/8/12) Fox Shadow
21.野山鹰(2015/8/14) The Eagle Corps
22.二胎时代(2015/8/14) The Era of the Second Child
23.最佳恋人/最佳前男友(2015/8/15) The Perfect Lover/The Perfect Ex-Boyfriend
24.激战(2015/8/20) Fighting
25.黄河在咆哮(2015/8/21) There Are Bombs Sounding by the Yellow River
26.铁在烧(2015/8/26) Burning Iron (Wang Lei, Liu Tao)
27.毕业歌(2015/8/26) A Song of Graduation (Fu Xinbo, LI Xiaozai)
28.伪装者(2015/8/27) The Disguiser (Hu Ge)

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9 thoughts on “Air date update: August 2015

  1. According to some the drama Zzl IS supposed to air near dec or early next year since apparently the actor said that during his fm ?
    So is this date actually confirmed ?

      • yes ,
        but in this update its shown
        03.武神赵子龙(2015年08月) God of War: Zhao Zilong (Lin Gengxin, Yuna)

        Would air in aug this year
        so I was not sure

        • Your source is probably more accurate – all of these dates were taken from Manmankan. I’m wary of any dramas that are purported to come out, without an actual date set (Death Notify: Season 2 was supposed to come out in July, according to Manmankan, but didn’t actually until August). My apologies for any inconsistencies.

  2. Reblogged this on cdramadevotee and commented:
    Check out Cfensi’s new Chinese dramas airing in August. It seems like actually, a lot of good ones will air! (I wonder why the source was so lacking in comparison..) Sorry!
    From this new list, I am excited for Princess Jieyou, God of War Zhao Zilong, Mischievous Princess, Imminent, etc! This makes August sound so much better!

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