Music videos for Nirvana in Heaven are as gorgeous as the rest of it

In which everyone is obsessed with Hu Ge, and for good reason.

I think that there’s no drama I’m looking forward to more than Nirvana in Fire – Hua Xu Yin, this is how you tastefully add fur to your costumes (it’s Hu Ge who wears the fur, not the other way around!) There’s such a quiet elegance to all of the costumes and the gorgeous filming. It helps, too, that the cast (Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Liu Tao) are amazing, and Hu Ge fits perfectly into his role as a calculating strategist with a major vendetta (and uh, gorgeous face).

Hu Ge is set to sing the (as of now) unreleased theme song, while Wang Kai (Blood, Eternally Crimson 赤血长殷)and Liu Tao (Beauty Bygone 红颜旧)  have both contributed an insert song.  They’re absolutely gorgeous. The drama will be released on September 18th. 

7 thoughts on “Music videos for Nirvana in Heaven are as gorgeous as the rest of it

  1. I just watched the first two episodes, and it DOESN’T DISAPPOINT! It’s amazing! You’re right. Through the whole thing, there an elegance to the whole production. Even though there’s a fast-paced plot going on, everything feels so calm and solemn and not rushed at all. You’re just like yep, Hu Ge’s got everything under control…there’s nothing happening that he hasn’t already planned for. Amazing. I half to say though. Despite how high-quality it is, there are some inevitable CGI shots, like the very long, fake-bird-flying shot in the beginning. That looked pretty animated. But I mean, I guess you can’t help that.

    • ps I’ve actually really been liking Wu Lei this year. And his character here Fei Liu…he’s really cute. lol

    • I think this drama would’ve been better if they took out all the crazy martial arts and made it a more “serious” drama in general and not a wuxia fantasy. Hu Ge’s totally unrealistic fighting scenes made the The Disguiser look like a joke at parts.

  2. The Wang Kai cover of the song 赤血长殷 has not been released yet as he only recorded it in May of this year. The song used in the first MV is actually sung by four singers who created the song last year. (Their voices are quite similar.) The production company liked it so they had Wang Kai do a cover. I am waiting for his version to be released.

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