Double Exposure: Artists come together to promote water conservation with Elle

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After being asked what her favorite water-related activity was, Wanda replied: “Doing ballet in the water, swimming like a mermaid.”

It turns out that Sun Li wasn’t the only artist who featured in Elle’s July “water” issue. Other artists also joined the cause to promote water conservation, each artist  expressing one aspect of water. Adorable sisters Wanda and the incredibly poetic Linda Li are featured above; Zhou Dongyu and Zhou Xun showed off how pretty rain is. Courtesy of Mark Zhao and Tan Yuanyuan, we were reminded of how essential water is to maintaining good hygiene. Jing Boran, is your secret to such nice looking skin drinking lots of water? Li Quan and Tian Yuan chose to enjoy the simple pleasures that water can bring, while sculptor Xiang Jing expressed the other emotional side of water, tears. Synchronized swimmer Tian Tingting was quite at home as she submerged herself in the water.

Linda Li was able to quote this phrase from Tao Te Ching on the spot (how many eleven year olds do you know who can do that?) – “The supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to. It is content with the low places that people disdain.” (Translation by Steven Mitchell)

“What beautiful qualities do you feel water possesses?” “Limpidity, clarity. When I was little the teacher taught us that water is the source of life, people cannot be without water” (Zhou Dongyu)

“Water is the gift that nature bestowed on us, please, treasure (it).” (Zhou Xun)

Describing the good traits of water, Mark Zhao said, “Able to accept, strong adaptive ability, and at the same time full of power.”

“The future of water is the future of mankind; water supports our lives. Though it also has the power to destroy lives, like tsunamis and shipwrecks; maybe it’s because of the recent 3d version of Titanic that I understand this.” (Jing Boran)

“What do you think is water’s best quality?” “Shapelessness.” Li Quan

“I hope we can be like water, harboring power yet mobile and able to flow” (Tian Yuan)

“What do you consider the best traits of water?” “Tranquil, clean, crystal clear, changing in accordance to the environment; using softness to overcome hardness” (Xiang Jing, sculptor).

“Drops of water can penetrate a stone. Water has a gentle side, yet that side has the power to to round harsh edges; all it needs is time” (Tan Yuanyuan, dancer)

“The most beautiful water you’ve seen?” “It should be tears. In our profession, all of our tears and sweat flow in the pool” (Tian Tingting, synchronized swimmer…)

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