The Braveness of the Ming releases character posters

Pink. The new color of emperors. The color of kings!!

The Braveness of the Ming has released more stills, starring Zhang Han, Park Min-youngJones Xu Zhengxi, and Wei Qianxiang.  These stills give us a better look at more of the background characters in the story… and my attempts to match the latest trends by organizing things into rainbow order…

More stills below the cut.

The sword is necessary to re-affirm that he isn’t wearing a skirt.

Decide!! Are we outside or in a palace?!?

This Ming dynasty secret police look is all the rage.  Now available for a limited time in orange.

Ignore the blue!! She’s wearing yellow goddamit!!

I thought something was missing… then I noticed the ground wasn’t golden…

I would spend more time looking at the costume except that’s a very interesting structure you have behind you…

Limited edition purple costumes.

This doesn’t quiet fit so it goes here.

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  1. The English movie title sounds strange… should be ‘bravery of the ming’, but it still doesn’t sound like a good title.

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