City of Hopeless Love finally to air

The happiest I’ve seen anybody at the prospect of being hanged.

City of Hopeless Love 华胥引,  starring Kevin CheungGan Tingting, Yuan Hong, Jiang Xin, and Guo Zhenni, is revving up for its July 10th release with stills, theme songs, character introductions, and videos that spoil just about everything.

Theme song here.  More below the cut.

Spoilers (You have been warned!!): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Ooooh… now this image is stunning…

As if fighting wasn’t hard enough, now we have to add very tall helmets…

Wearing white into battle?  Have no fear!  Mama’s got the magical Clorox bleach!

Dating… circa 960 CE…

How people don’t stand in normal conversation… circa 960 CE…

Royal headbands for royal hipsters…

Never mind the fact that she looks like she wants your life. Isn’t she pretty?

14 thoughts on “City of Hopeless Love finally to air

  1. Now that I’ve officially marathon finished the entire series. Basically my verdict is – ignore the story of the main leads and it’s a really good drama and pretty good adaptation of the book (all the side stories at least). The scriptwriter even tried to link all the side stories together which I honestly do appreciate.

    I’m interested to know how they did Huai zhong xue which was completely cut out due to censoring (rumor is because it involves brother/sister love even though it isn’t really).

    I wish they didn’t absolutely kill the story of the main leads though -(and the casting, the female got better once she died but KC….) I was totally looking forward to the cliff scene in the book for those who have read it. I get teary every time I read that section.

  2. Ok up to episode 6. They completely murdered the story of the main leads, from casting (Kevin Cheung is way to old and the female lead is….I don’t even know what to say), the changes to their story is also not done well and makes their story less tragic and heart wrenching than in the book.

    But on the other they’ve absolutely nailed the casting and storyline of the side stories – Yuan Hong is perfect!

    Anyway will keep watching

    • Yeah… there was a point around there and in the beginning where I just started clicking through… >.<

  3. Gotta say…the female lead seems to be missing a few lobes from her brain…but Jiang Xin is fantastic.

    • Think all those parts became devoted to screaming sometime during childhood… and her crazy fashion sense for frilled-up poof-y skirts… btw… do you know why there’s like up to episode 48 available now? -_^

      • Hm, I think that there was one website that let you watch more if you paid for it (…so the unreleased episodes may have been leaked)? I haven’t watched beyond ep4 though.

        • It looks like all of it may have been leaked…


  4. I didn’t even have to read the post and I liked it. Then, I read it and liked it even more. I know this doesn’t appear perfect but – still very pretty!

    • I feel like I was a bit too quick to judge some of the costumes… At first I thought they were a bit tasteless but now seeing them in motion and with the backgrounds, quite a few of them don’t seem that bad. O_O

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