Music Monday: July 6, 2015

There’s only one song I liked this week, and it’s  the previously posted M.I.C.‘s Only One (see what I did there?).   Lorry recommends this Mandopop playlist  for non-mainland Cpop. Anyone else have recommendations?

Zhang Jie won last week’s vote  for the third week in a row with his duet for with Karen Mok for Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

15 thoughts on “Music Monday: July 6, 2015

  1. Some song recommendation from my favs :

    1. 黑暗骑士 The Dark Knight (JJ Lin and Mayday)*
    2. 十年一刻 (Sodagreen)*
    3. 模特 (Li Rong Hao)
    4. 火力全開 (Wang Lee Hom)*
    5. 在梅边 (Wang Lee Hom)*
    6. 入陣曲 (Mayday)*
    7. 狼 (Weibird Wei)*
    8. 我好想你 (Sodagreen)
    9. 干杯 (Mayday)
    10. OAOA 現在就是永遠 (Mayday)*
    11. 当你孤单你会想起谁 (Nicholas Teo)
    12. 童话 Fairy Tale (Guang Liang)
    13. 回憶裡的瘋狂 (Guang Liang)
    14. 无成勿爱 (八三夭 831)*
    15. 給我一個理由忘記 (A-Lin)
    16. 為你平定的天下 (李劍青)
    17. 十八般武藝 (Wang Lee Hom)*
    18. 画沙 (Jay Chou)
    19. 美 (Wang Lee Hom)*
    20. 爱爱 (Gary Cao)*
    21. 少年 (Guang Liang and Gary Cao)

    The one marked with (*) are specially recommend to those who like songs with fast rhythm. 1,2,6,9,10,14 and 21 have very good lyrics, definitely recommended if you know Mandarin.

    Recommended singers/band :

    1. Mayday
    2. Wang Lee Hom
    3. Sodagreen
    4. JJ Lin
    5. Zhang Jie
    6. Sun Yan Zi
    7. Gary Cao
    8. Li Rong Hao
    9. 八三夭 831
    10. Weibird Wei
    11. Guang Liang

    Most of them compose or write lyrics for their own songs except Zhang Jie and Sun Yan Zi.

    • Do you have any other 831 recommendations? I looked them up before because they wrote a song for I think Amit that I liked, but the first couple of songs I listened to from them wasn’t as interesting.

      • Hi there, here’s a few songs sung by 831 which sound nice for me :
        1. 我怎麼哭了
        2. 搖勒搖勒 Yoleh Yoleh
        3. 不是男人

        Here’s a song which 831 wrote the lyrics together with Mayday. The song was sung by Wang Lee Hom, its lyrics are meaningful, 伯牙绝弦.

  2. I approve of the playlist :D

    As for recommendations . . . (WARNING: they’re all non-Mainland)

    1. herstory with Mayday (featuring female artists like G.E.M., Wanting, Lala Hsu, waa wei, Sandy Lam, Jia Jia, etc.)
    2. Eason Chan’s latest release 《起点 终站》
    3. My bias JJ Lin (AND he’s his own producer so) :D
    4. Eason Chan’s rice & shine album (^above bias wrote/produced half of it :D)
    5. Jolin Tsai’s “Play” album
    6. A-Lin’s album “Guilt”
    7. Lala Hsu
    8. waa wei
    9. Buddha Jump
    10. LeeHom, though IMO he sounds . . . too Western
    11. Fiona Sit’s latest release “All the Rainy Days” (if anything the MV is pretty)
    12. I don’t listen to rap but R-Chord and Miss Ko are cool

    Leo Ku released his latest album a few days back, and the audios are up on YouTube.
    Awaiting Khalil Fong’s “Listen”.
    BY2 is having its comeback . . . soon.
    G.E.M. will be singing the theme song for the reality show she joined, “Amazing Race”.

    Also . . . Li Ronghao isn’t considered Mainland?

    • Oh my goodness I forgot:

      1. Kenji Wu
      2. Tanya Chua
      3. Stefanie Sun (although “RADIO” was just disappointing)
      4. Aska Yang (release stuff already!)
      5. Really really liked Li Ronghao’s “Li Ronghao”
      6. when she gets good producers/songwriters Rainie Yang

      • Kenji :( Why is he so underrated. He’s good-looking and talented and is the best lyricists of the “Taiwanese” male composer-singers of the same age group.

        Stephanie’s new song for Singapore was weird, too. … The rap was really bad.

        • I think after his collab with Song Ji Hyo Kenji has a greater fanbase?

          Oh yeah I saw 《简爱》on YinYueTai back when I was vacationing in China. At first (without clicking into it) I processed it incorrectly as 《剪爱》 and was like, “Wait. Stefanie is covering A-Mei?” Oops.
          It was boring without the rap, but the rap was ewhh. However I have a feeling that these songs for Singapore have to be similar to it (have a happy theme and everything).

          JJ Lin did one, too, called “Our Singapore”. I think it’s a cover of Dick Lee’s because that’s the only one I could find on YouTube, and the song is written by Dick Lee and everything. (Although . . . the song itself was rather generic. Sorry.)

          ^After endless searching this is where I ended up finding it (someone kindly uploaded it from YinYueTai, which I don’t have in the U.S.). WHY is it not on YouTube.

    • But Leehom had an entire Peking opera themed album and an ethnic music themed album! He’s clearly the perfect blend of West meets East, both as a person and musically.

      BY2’s company Ocean Butterflies (JJ Lin’s previous company) actually formed a conglomerate with MIC’s Taihe Rye recently, so they’re kind of mainland now?

      • Just saw BY2’s promo clip for their upcoming MV (it looks incredibly cliche but whatever). The text is in simplified Chinese, and something tells me it’s not because they’re Singaporean.

        Does that mean artists from Taihe Rye will be featured on OB’s YouTube channel? I subscribed because they’re still uploading some of JJ Lin’s really really old stuff on there.

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