Jane Zhang Announces Relationship with Boyfriend of 12 Years

Jane Zhang and Michael Feng announce relationship

During her Bang the World tour, Jane Zhang suddenly announced that she was in a relationship with Michael Feng (Feng Ke), the CEO of Show City Times, which is Jane’s management company. The two have been together for 12 years.

While in Changsha on July 4, Jane surprised everyone, including her boyfriend, with an unplanned announcement. “From when I was 18 years old to 30 years old, I haven’t been waiting,” she said, referring to her song “Finally Waited for You” (终于等到你), which she had just finished singing. “Because there is a person who has always been by my side.”

Jane then explained that she had originally wanted to go public with their relationship in 2005, the same year she competed in Super Girl (超级女声), but Michael was against the idea, because he didn’t want the news to negatively affect her nascent singing career. Now that 10 years have passed and she is nearing her 31st birthday, Jane felt that now was the perfect time to make her announcement.

“I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she declared. “You’ve all been with me in the 10 years since my debut, and so has this person. I’ve already thought it through. If you’re willing to marry me, then come on stage.”

Luckily for Jane, no crazy fanboys took her up on her offer. A stunned Michael eventually made his way up to the stage, gave Jane a hug, and thanked her and everyone there. At this point, a bunch of fans started chanting, “Propose!” which he didn’t end up doing. But he and Jane did kiss each other on stage, which I guess is halfway there.

Watch Jane’s announcement at Changsha, as well as a clip from a celebratory banquet later (Jane is wearing the cutest Charlie Brown shirt ever).

The video is admittedly a little awkward because Jane is standing on stage for nearly a minute before Michael shows up. (He was in charge of all the details of the concert, so he was way in the back.) He later said on his Weibo that when one of his employees told him Jane wanted him on stage, he originally thought something had gone wrong. He also wrote that he felt the not-really-proposal should have been his job, so he plans to give her a very special engagement ceremony in the future.

Jane also posted on Weibo, saying, “Because this idiot used all of his intelligence on producing an environment in which I could be at ease and sing, I had no other choice. I had to take charge of the romantic part.”

Jane Zhang at Changsha concert

As expected, many celebrities have expressed their congratulations and blessings toward Jane and Michael. However, there have been some reports claiming that Michael was already married when he first met Jane in 2003, when she sang and performed at a pub he frequented. It was not until 2005, when they had “dated” for two years, that he filed for divorce.

In response to these reports, a Show City Times employee said, “Those are all rumors that have been circulating for a long time. At this time, we sincerely hope that everyone will treat them and bless them like a normal couple, rather than using these rumors to harm two people immersed in a happy moment.”

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10 thoughts on “Jane Zhang Announces Relationship with Boyfriend of 12 Years

  1. I just hope Jane is happy. Watching the clip from the concert and seeing Michael’s behavior and reaction has me thinking if he’s actually willing to commit himself and actually get married. It seems like Jane wants to more than him. Of course I’m not one to judge and I know nothing about their relationship, but when a girl professes her love to you in front of thousands of people and waits for you to do/say something romantic, you don’t blow her off and say “Jane has one more song to sing for you guys. *bye.*”

    • Same here… She looked a little disappointed at him when he first went up on stage, and there were reports (which I only glanced at) saying that they argued after the concert. Maybe he really was shell-shocked at the turn of events, or maybe he just didn’t want to propose without a ring? idk. But I did feel kinda bad for her. :(

  2. On a completely unrelated note, I really like both of her dresses. The first one is super cute, and the pink one is gorgeous. Not a fan of the hair, though…

    Also, is anyone else not impressed by the Terminator song? She sounds like she’s still trying to sing a Mariah Carey song when she should be sounding more like Rihanna.

    • I don’t love it…
      It’s not a great song to begin with, but I think someone with more rawness, like Sia, could have done it better. Jane’s voice is too polished, and it sounds like the vocal distortion is only there to add some grit to it. But it ends up detracting from the song.

      Jane could probably sing the next My Heart Will Go On. Not sure that the Terminator franchise quite suits her, though…

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