Monkey King: Hero’s Back a surprise hit


Mini monk. Even easier for monsters to eat.

Despite going against fan-based films Tiny Times 4 and Forever Young, the most anticipated film next week on Weibo is actually The Monkey King: Hero’s Return 西游记之大圣归来 (alternate translation:  CUG, can we give a round of applause for whoever came up with that?). The animated feature retells the classic tale with a new twist – the monk is now a child looking for a hero, and the Monkey King a ghost of his former self, having lost all his powers.   The animated feature  won tears with its MV by Kit Chan alone.

7 thoughts on “Monkey King: Hero’s Back a surprise hit

  1. I just learnt about this film today on tumblr and being a but fan if the original classic story I had to check it out.
    It really seems to be splendid in every aspect. Wow! 8 years is a long time. It was Worth it.
    Admittedly I’m a little proud I had a slightly – very slightly – simmilar idea for a retelling of Journey to the West. Okay it was a terribly americanized version but also I had the idea to make the monk a little boy.
    I’m happy that now there is such a story in the form of this beautiful and cool film with so much more heart and national authenticity than I could ever have thought up.

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