Photoshoot Friday: Pastels

Li Yuchun looks like a rockstar, even with easter pink and green backgrounds; Bei’er is sweet and cute. Zhou Dongyu glows in hot pink, but she still doesn’t look like she’s aged in the past few years. Gao Yunxiang looks like he’s ready to go on a date – maybe with his wife, Dong Xuan? Look under the cut for more pictures. 
01. Li Yuchun

02. Bei’er

03. Gao Yunxiang

04. Zhou Dongyu

1 thought on “Photoshoot Friday: Pastels

  1. Zhao Dong Yu looks so cute. I wonder when will her drama “Love, Life & Lie” with Chen Xiao come out? Looking forward to her new C-romance movie with Lee Jun Ki as well.

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