M.I.C. comes back in ballad

I'm pretty sure no other boyband in China could pull off this song live.

I’m pretty sure no other boyband in China could pull off this song live. gif cr:Yama Dandan

After two years forever, M.I.C. boyband finally came back as a group for  Only One. The gorgeous future bass r&b song is once again produced by themselves.  This song is so much better than I expected, and really shows how much they’ve matured musically. It perfectly shows off their perfect voices (Yuehan and Yaoyao’s voices won my heart in this song). Even the MV is so clean and beautiful and not filmed while they’re drunk in a club.

The song will be released as a part of their album SOLO, which will be the gift item of their photo book. My inner Chinese music industry fan  died a little on the inside when I read that, and then pre-ordered two copies of their photo album in retail therapy even though I never buy photo albums.

But all the perfection of their voices and faces aside,  the real question is …  Does Tan Jianci have a U.S. driver’s license or can we blackmail them with this MV?

Look out this weekend for a new page on comparisons between services for ordering  things from Chinese websites like Taobao and Jingdong, and one coming soon about how to get a Chinese paypal account to download your favorite songs in HQ legally.

11 thoughts on “M.I.C. comes back in ballad

    • It looks like it? They’re both filmed in the U.S. (?) I can only identify Las Vegas in the beginning and the end (MIC went to Vegas and their MV was this tame?! ) and Los Angeles in many of the driving scenes for M.I.C.’s MV. Not sure where anything else is.

      • They were in a nice suburb of LA, maybe Pasadena or something like that. They were in the LA water channels. They were also in the desert. I’m assuming somewhere between Las Vegas and LA. There was also a sign for salt lake city? I was a little confused about that one.

        • I think maybe parts of Xiaoxin and Wang Hao’s segments were in more downtown LA due to the graffiti and the balcony shot , and Xi’er and Yuehan’s in the suburbs? I find it hard to associate their friends with Pasadena, though, since I associate Pasadena houses with professors…

          Apparently they got a friend of the director’s to fly in their private jet just to be able to film in the airport in Vegas =_=

          • Ones of the scenes is outside Neutrogena in Westchester, Los Angeles which is near Tishman Airport Center

            • Good eye!

              While I was looking it up, I also looked up the two LA spots Xiaoxin is at for fun and not because I’m a creep … Xiaoxin’s downtown shots are at the corner with Denmark 50, New Era, and Blue Dot on Melrose. The bridge shots (and maybe the group shots and Yaoyao’s railroad ones?) are on the 7th Ave bridge next to Rancho Cold Storage.

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