Airdate Update: July 2015

Hu Bingqing is probably getting the murderous look because she’s co-starring with too many pretty men. On that note, Whirlwind Girl is supposed to be released on the 7th.

Look for the purported release dates for various dramas in July 2015. Which ones are you looking forward to? …Which ones do you wish were on this list instead? 

01.爱的阶梯(2015年07月) Ladder of Love (Zhang Rui, Zhang Meng, Huo Zhengyan, Yang Chengcheng, Dilireba, Zhang Na, Merat, Gao Weiguang)
02.暗黑者2(2015年07月) Death Notify, The Darker Season 2 is coming out, supposedly in July.
03.火线英雄(2015/7/1) Heres on the Front Line (Bao Jianfeng, Cai Wenjing, Hu Bingqing)
04.俏妈萌爸的甜蜜时光(2015/7/3) My Baby (Tong Dawei, Yao Di)
05.爸爸父亲爹(2015/7/3) Daddy, Father, Dad (Luo Jin, Lv Yi)
06.马上天下(2015/7/4) Immediately the World (Tao Xinran, Peter Ho)
07.妈妈向前冲(2015/7/5) Mom, Go Forward (Qin Hailu, Guo Xiaodong, Hu Bing)
08.半为苍生半美人(2015/7/5) Half for the People, Half for the Beauties (Mickey He, Li Yixiao)
09.无心法师(2015/7/6) Wuxin: The Monster Killer (Han Dongjun, Jin Chen, Zhang Ruoyun, Chen Yao)
10.旋风少女(2015/7/7) Whirlwind Girl (Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang)
11.大抉择(2015/7/7) The Great Decision (Ma Yue, Lin Yongjian)
12.8848(2015/7/8) (M.I.C. boyband’s Xiao Shunyao)
13.华胥引之绝爱之城(2015/7/9) Hua Xu Yin – City of Hopeless Love
14. 实习生(2015/7/17) The Intern (Zhao Liying, Zheng Kai, Cai Wenjing)
15.仙侠剑(2015/7/18) Sword of the Immortal Paladin
16.克拉恋人(2015/7/22) Diamond Lover (Tang Yan, Rain, Dilireba, Luo Jin)
17.小爸妈(2015/7/24) Junior Parents (Ren Zhong, Gao Lu)
18. 男神执事团(2015/7)Intouchable (Zhang Ruoyun, M.I.C. Tan Jianci)


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7 thoughts on “Airdate Update: July 2015

  1. Yay for Hua Xu Yin finally being aired – although the trailers aren’t giving me much hope about them preserving the storyline….and there’s Kevin Cheng who really doesn’t suit the role.

    When is Nirvana in Fire being released?

  2. Dramas I’m most looking forward to:
    Wuxin: The Monster Killer – potentially the best trailer for a drama this year
    Diamond Lover – Dilireba is so cute in the trailer
    Whirlwind Girl – eyecandy
    The Intern – Zhao Liyin is always adorable
    Ladder of Love – eyecandy

    8848 got delayed again … I knew it can’t be that easy to get a MIC drama to air. After all, they never do =_=

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