Music Monday: June 27, 2015

This is the first time where the leader kept switching places. It went from Zhang Bichen’s Nianlun to M.I.C.’s theme for the drama that is still never going to air before settling on Zhang Jie‘s Truth.    Also, I really need someone to convince me that Wang Hao is not planning to host drug parties because everything about his store from their slogan to logo to the trap music screams Chinese-entertainment-ban-for-life.

Look who it is again!   Zhang Jie in his third theme song in a row, this time with Karen Mok. Karen Mok’s voice kind of pwns the king of theme songs.

Female rapper Miss Ko calls for women to Let it go and leave their abusive relationships. Why isn’t she more popular.

Indie artist Shao Yibei drops her usual folk melodies in the mesmerizing Welcome to the Factory. It reminds me of some of my favorite Faye Wong songs.

Hua Chenyu actually wrote a song with lyrics! I don’t care is yet another great song recently from eeMedia. I’m still waiting for someone to upload Ou Hao and Ning Huanyu’s new songs …

Can A-mei never sing again and just let Amit do her stuff?  Here’s her latest of a string of amazing MV’s for an amazing album. The MV for Give the Work a Break is a tribute to Frida Kahlo.

For a real break and something more quirky, MC Hotdog does a rap remix of comedian Yue Yunpeng‘s  Song of the 5th Ring, referring to the ring roads of Beijing.

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