WuXin cast has killer looks for modern posters


Tangren’s best (aka first good) modern poster in years? Yes, please.

Might a drama this year actually have a good plot AND a gorgeous cast? Tangren’s latest drama, Wuxin: The Monster Killer 无心法师, looks so good that I don’t even mind not caring for any of the cast.      The drama airs in a web on Sohu. Fingers crossed.

MV featuring song by Li Jian. Obligatory cast list:  Han Dongjun, Jin Chen, Zhang Ruoyun, Sui Yongliang, Mike Pirat, Chen Yao, and Wang Yanlin. 005PqTDMjw1etc2as2smij30zk0lcgrn005PqTDMjw1etcxdym5bjj31e00u0qv5005PqTDMjw1etc2b1klwhj34xi2yib2b005PqTDMjw1ethpbbotjhj31jk2km1kx    005PqTDMjw1etipqtaomnj32yi4xiu0y

5 thoughts on “WuXin cast has killer looks for modern posters

  1. Started watching this today. It’s pretty good so far – tbh, better than The Young Four (which I kept watching for the actors). Jin Chen’s haircut isn’t the most flattering, but she’s likeable, and Han Dongjun is cute. Plus, I think Jin Chen’s, uh, “girl down the country” look (with all the puffy jackets and pants) is growing on me – it’s kind of cute…

    In spite of everything, haven’t felt compelled to watch Hua Qiangu yet :S

  2. Love, love Zhang Ruoyun! He’s lead several dramas already (war dramas Black Fox and The New Snow Leopard). He and his co-star from Black Fox were also leads for the chinese drama adaptation of the K-drama I’m Sorry, I Love You (goes by the name of Love Song/Love Song 2012).

  3. This trailer and the previous one look so promising. I know none of the actors but the premise alone was pretty interesting. I think (cautiously) it might be a hit. Who knows….it might even launch their careers to a new height (at least to more overseas viewers like me). I’m definitely gonna watch this as it airs.

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