Victoria Song, Xianzi get on the stage for Beautiful Secret


They better use Xianzi’s real voice for singing because I miss her voice so much.

Peter Ho may not be the best-looking actor, but he has great taste in actors for his own productions.  His latest drama, Beautiful Secret, features Victoria SongXianzi, and Wei Qianxiang, and Shao Yuwei in a drama about singing competitions.   I hope Xianzi sings a lot of songs for this.

Character posters below the cut.

7 thoughts on “Victoria Song, Xianzi get on the stage for Beautiful Secret

  1. Wonder why Peter gets dissed for his looks? He’s more manly and better looking than many of the Korean idols who induce screaming frenzies among Chinese fangirls.

    • It’s more of an issue of the ratio of his looks vs the expected looks of who he plays. He’s like the male Yuan Shanshan. Yuan Shanshan is actually gorgeous and really cute, but she got a lot of hate because she kept playing roles like Yuji and Ren Yingying that were the embodiments of perfection. Same with Michelle Chen and XiaoLongNv.

        • I think Yuan Shanshan is above average in looks (or she would be, if I didn’t hate her face because she keeps taking roles she’s not suited for and acting rather poorly), and Michelle Chen is really cute – but their roles demand a certain look that they /don’t/ have. Xiao Long Nv should not be the cute girl next door :P

        • The young teenage fan girls like boys, not men. The skinnier, the more effeminate, the better? =P

          Unlike Yuan Shanshan, Peter Ho has had good roles. He was really good in Three Kingdoms and The Young Warriors.

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