Music Monday: Theme Songs

This week not only is Zhang Jie back with another pretty theme song, but there are also themes for a string of current/upcoming dramas, including by Momo Wu Mochou, M.I.C., Zhang Bichen, and Tan Weiwei.

Last Week’s winner, Zhang Jie’s Sahā World for Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

Zhang Jie also sings the theme for Lost Tombs S. Zhang Jie seem to have finally found his own voice . It’s so much more recognizable than before.

You know how much better M.I.C. is than other boybands when the rapper can be the lead vocalist. The tall, dark, and handsome Aero Xiao Shunyao is the lead vocalist and a solo producer for the first time in  Legend of Dream-chasing 逐梦传奇, the ending theme for his upcoming drama 8848. The arrangement is a bit simplistic compared to their own songs, but this is their first full group song in over two years, so I’ll take it.

Momo Wu Mochou’s fun theme for some show that I’ve never heard of:

Zhang Bichen singing zhongguofeng for Hua Qian’gu/Journey of Flower

Tan Weiwei sings the rock pop theme for Destined to Love You. This is one of the few interesting themes for a period drama from an increasingly monopolized and dull market for drama themes. (Yes, looking at you, Tan Xuan who does all of Yu Zheng + Huanrui’s songs)


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Theme Songs

  1. I like Momo’s song, but it sounds a little bit unfinished? The mixing is a little off, at least… but throw in some backing vocals, change the bridge to something more vocally climactic, have Tan Weiwei sing it instead, and you’d have a Katy Perry Firework-type song on your hands.

    • Aww, I think Momo could pull the song off. It’s still my favorite song of the post and of her new songs this year. (Have you heard the one for the MOnster Hunt? It’s so weird.)

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