Liu Yifei for L’Officiel

Recently, actress Liu Yifei posed for L’Officiel. Watch out for her upcoming movie The Third Type of Love (to be released later this year), where she stars as a lawyer,  her chick flick So Gone with Wu Yifan and Li Qin, and her ancient film Three Lifetimes, Ten Thousand Kilometers of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花.

8 thoughts on “Liu Yifei for L’Officiel

  1. Liu Yifei is confirmed for the role already!? She’s going to look really really pretty… Any idea who is going to play Ye Hua? I think the movie is going to be a disappointing one though…but im still looking forward to it

  2. What?! Three Lifetimes, Ten Thousand Kilometers of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 got filmed??? I thought it was on hold and would never see the light of day

    • Ok did some research – it is not produced by Tangren as originally planned but some other film company and only LYF is confirmed.

      Not Tangren but still holding my hopes up for Hu Ge playing Ye Hua (it’ll be reuniting the two finally)

      • Yeah, Tangren’s rights to the film expired a long time ago, hence why Liu Yifei instead of Liu Shishi. I think Tangren had a budget issue at the time thanks to Desert Melody and couldn’t gather up the funds to make the film.

        I feel like Hu Ge looks way too old to play the role opposite Liu Yifei (since Yehua is suppose to look younger than the female lead), also tbh he’s not a movie ticket seller.

        • Oh I see. The indefinite production delay of Desert Melody definately would have put a lot of things on hold.

          LYF is a good choice even though she may not be able to act as arrogant/ regal as the female character in the book. I can’t think of any other female actresses who could play the role.

          There seems to be shouts for either Chen Xiao or Li Yifeng to play Ye Hua on the forums as well since they are young looking. I’m still hoping for Hu Ge though even though he might be old.

          • I love Liu Yifei dearly, but ever since Tangren brought it my mental image of Bai Qian has been associated with Liu Shishi. Either Chen Xiao or Li Yifeng would work as Yehua. Li Yifeng feels too busy for the role since he’s currently filming two movies with Yang Mi and has one more lined up already. What about Feng Shaofeng? I could totally buy him as Yehua and he hasn’t done any ancient roles in a while. Or maybe Zhang Han? I was also hoping for Yuan Hong back when Tangren had it, but he might not be popular enough for the role now that Ali has it.

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