Music Monday: June 15, 2015

I’m going to start putting last week’s poll winners above the cut, so M.I.C.‘s  CJ Chi Yuehan gets two MM features with his electric house solo Wonderful Life. Here’s a rehearsal room version here.  Yuehan and Wang Hao are currently filming a dancing-focused movie opposite Liu Xin.

Tia Ray released a MV for the song she co-wrote with Chang Shilei, Love Can Fly. The song is more Chang Shilei than Tia Ray, but it’s still gorgeous so I’ll take it.

Following CJ is CJ E&M/SuperJet’s  boyband TimeZ with  new single Awaken. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much inferior  are the songs/MV’s they give to the Chinese singers?

Although to be fair to CJ E&M, that seems to be a common trend for most Korean productions of Chinese songs, like this one by Lu Yi. Here’s a rehearsal version that’s much better than the MV of her new song, The Eighth Day.

The master of theme songs Zhang Jie is back once more with Sahā World for Monk Comes Down the Mountain. The ballad shows off his voice perfectly.

As many of you may be graduating at this time of the year, celebrate friendships with this cover of Escape Plan‘s Goodbye, Goodbye by the cast of  Forever Young (Li Yifeng, Jiang JInfu, Zhang Yunlong, Calvin Du). 


But don’t just reminisce of the past, think of the future!  Listen to this song from  one of my favorite albums of 2014, Liu Meilin‘s Should I grow up.

Be more resilient for dreams;
Be tougher for reality;
Be more hopeful for love;
and that’s how to grow up strong.
If you grow up with power, don’t forget the me that was passionate.
Change the world, alright?

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