“The Last Supper” of Tiny Times full of mysteries

Guys, this is how you make movie posters. 

Why are Yang Mi’s knees chained? Who is Guo Biting’s knife pointing at? Why is there blood on Xie Yilin’s mouth?  Can you decipher this poster?

The poster for Tiny Times 4: Soul’s End should be put in textbooks about posters.   Titled The Last Supper, the poster, conceived by the director Guo Jingming himself,  contains clues for the viewer to guess the ending of each character in the film finale.  Fans have already started researching the original painting to try and find comparisons.   Can you figure out all the hints?

The film stars Yang Mi,  Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Chen Xuedong, Xie Yilin, Jiang Chao, Lee Hyunjae, Ren Youming, Shang Liao, and Vivian Dawson.

Some suspicious parts compiled below:

  • There are ten people and ten candles on the floor, and all but one of the candles are burning out. Do they symbolize the lifespan of the characters?
  • Why are Lin Xiao’s legs chained to the ground?
  • Who is Nan Xiang’s dagger pointed at and why?
  • Tang Wanru’s lips have red around them. Wine or blood?
  • Nan Xiang’s hands are on Gong Ming’s legs. What is their relationship?
  • Why is Gu Li’s holding a wig?  Is it a sign she will have and survive cancer?

  • Why are only Nan Xiang’s nails visible and bright red?
  • Why is Gong Ming wearing suits on the top but in underwear underneath?
  • What does the mask symbolize?
  • Neil and Gu Zhun are holding hands, are they together?
  • Why does Gu Zhun have a sword? For protection or attack?
  • The pearls are spilled in front of Gong Ming and Gu Li. Who gets the final pot of gold? Or could it be Gu Zhun, who has the gold tree underneath his feet?
  • Both Kitty and Xicheng have crosses in their hands. Redemption or death?
  • Why is Lin Xiao the only one wearing white?
  • Why are all the flowers white except for the dying red roses?
  • What is the angel statue looking at?
  • The background is clouds, could this have something to do with the plane ride in the trailers?
  • Who is Jesus? Lin Xiao or Gu Li? Who is Judas?
  • And most importantly … what is on Chen Xuedong’s hat?

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