Jolin Tsai For Vogue Magazine


Jolin Tsai ended March on a sharp note with a sexy and alluring photo shoot with Vogue Magazine for their June issue. Besides being on the cover page, stills of her traveling segment to Paris are thrown in the issue as well, with photos and behind the scenes exclusives.



jolin jolin


What a better way to start off June? ;)

6 thoughts on “Jolin Tsai For Vogue Magazine

    • C-entertainment does tend to be very heavily influenced by outside the mainland, especially regarding music, and in Taiwan and HK (HK I would still view as outside the mainland when speaking of celebrities, because that’s how many platforms categorize them). It’s still Chinese, anyhow.

      In addition, most of the “Chinese celebrities” I know and love are from outside the mainland, so…

      • It’s just that we’ve had this conversation before on cfensi and i thought it was decided to keep it mainland because it’s easy to get non mainland news already.

        • We did, but we also let our writers write whatever they want as long as it falls under Chinese entertainment. For most of our writers, we focus on mainland stuff because it is less covered and our time is limited. Keliee seems to be interested in posting on, among other things, music outside of the mainland, and we welcome that. This is especially since we’re seeing greater integration in music and film across Greater China. For example, Tiny Times is a mainland-Taiwanese collaboration, and the singers come from TW/HK/Singapore/Malaysia/Australia/etc.

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