Music Monday: June 8, 2015

This week’s songs almost all come with a new album, so make sure to check out the other songs if you like them!

M.I.C.‘s  CJ Chi Yuehan released his first solo, Wonderful Life. The MV doesn’t have the highest production value, but he’s so pretty in it that I can’t complain.

Peggy Hsu wrote this fun dance song for Zhou Ziyan‘s new album. The song is produced by The Life Journey‘s Wei Wei.


This video-game-themed MV for What The is my favorite from Da Mouth‘s new album:

Super Girl Lu Yi is the debut artist of CTC Entertainment, a new company co-founded by Wang Junya, the former chief songwriter for Linfair (Angela Zhang, Claire Kuo). I actually really like the non-English lyrics of both of her songs, but the MV’s are so random. Here is the one for Love in 4D with lyrics by Wang Junya:

Also releasing his debut album is Super Boy Bai Jugang. So far his own compositions haven’t been that  striking, but this one caught my ears:


2013 Super Boy Ning Huanyu is probably my favorite of the group if only because he wrote this gorgeous song.

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