The Braveness of the Ming releases stills and promo clip

Trying to be “mysterious as the dark side of the moon”

The Braveness of the Ming has released stills and a promo video, starring Zhang Han, Park Min-youngJones Xu Zhengxi, and Wei Qianxiang. Set, in the titular Ming Dynasty, duh, this release gives us our first glimpse at the costumes… proving that men wearing pink was in vogue in China a couple hundred years before it became a thing in the West…

More stills below the cut.

Shut up! I have nasal congestion!

Lingerie shops, a thing in China before Victoria Secrets catwalks.

Moon’s back there, buddy.  I don’t understand where that shine off your sword is coming from.

Okay.  Forget about the shiny weapon.  Where’s the light on your hair coming from?!?

“Pretty in pink” done right

“Pretty in pink” that makes you question sexual orientation

One more pink reference and I’m going to get run through.

Judging from the color scheme of your costume, I’m guessing your character’s a turd…?

Used grandma’s picnic cloth for her blouse and proud of it.

6 thoughts on “The Braveness of the Ming releases stills and promo clip

  1. **Kia Ora (Hello) Okuo0.**. please can you keep us updated with more STILLS, BTS, or photographs of **Park Min Young** sunlight beauty & **Zhang Han** dashing handsome protector..(awesome if they can have photoshoot together) plus the soldiers in arms.. they look FABULOUS: Jeremy,Shaw,Liu.. and the rest of the Lovely Casts..
    Thankyou… Fighting:::)

  2. Im overwhelmed at the exquisite, colourful, Ming-Dynasty Attire & the accessories that is photographed in these Promo STILLS, pure essence of bringing to life China’s Historical Ancestors.. Its Breathtaking!
    WONDERFUL CASTS:.. best of luck everyone!! . **Park Min Young** you look like a Chinese Princess.. glamourous as ever.. Angelic-Beauty.. Fighting. . :)

    • Saw that… I like Chinese elements in clothing but my main concern is lots of people seem to take it too far with the trains and other embellishments imo. That one just came off as really tasteless to me… aside from how restricting it would be on movement in general… I mean we still have to get around…

    • But back to this drama… some of the clothing seems to be less… Ming-dynasty looking… to me at least… They seem more Ming-dynasty inspired for some outfits…

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