Weibo Wednesday: June 3, 2015

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announce relationship

李晨: 我们

The biggest news this week? Fan Bingbing and Li Chen announcing last Friday that they’re in a relationship. The two got close while filming The Empress of China (武媚娘传奇), though they didn’t portray a couple in that drama. This is the first time in her 19-year-long career that Fan Bingbing has publicly admitted that she was dating someone.

Their fairly low-key approach to announcing that they were dating — they simply uploaded a photo of them on Weibo with the caption “Us” — has been replicated throughout the Weibosphere in the few days since. Most of the usage has been tongue-in-cheek, such as Jiro Wang with the Incredible Hulk and a random netizen who somehow got actor Lee Pace to hold up fake marriage certificates with her.

Anyway, congratulations to Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, and I hope they don’t let all the rumors about their past relationships drag them down.

The Bing/Chen relationship sort of overshadowed this next post, but it was actually a direct result of it. When promoting The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom with Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing promised that if he got married, she would announce who her boyfriend was.

On May 27, Xiaoming did exactly that, posting his and Angelababy‘s marriage certificates, and true to her word, Bingbing announced that she was going out with Li Chen. Hooray for all these happy couples! (I’m not crying. ;o;)

By the way, Yang Mi revealed that when she was filming You Are My Sunshine (何以笙箫默) with Huang Xiaoming, he had already started doing research about getting married and having children. According to her, he plans to have two kids within three years.

Yuan Hong, Zhang Xinyi announce relationship

袁弘: 刚拿到手机恢复通讯,收到很多留言,很感激。告别单身,我们很好,感情是私人的事情,就不多晒了~谢谢大家的关心!

Adding to the tally of happy couples is Yuan Hong, who officially announced that he was dating Zhang Xinyi when appearing at a promotional event for Takes a Real Man (真正男子汉). The two fell in love while filming Princess Jieyou (解忧公主).

I just received a lot of notifications on my phone and many messages. I’m very grateful. Saying good-bye to singleness, we are both doing well. A relationship is a personal matter, so I won’t reveal much else~ Thank you, everyone, for your concern!

Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Weibo

ArnoldOfficial: Hi Weibo, nice to meet you! Thank you @Betty周玲安 and @对话好莱坞 for helping me set up my new account. I’m pumped up to speak with my Chinese Fans!

A little random, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is now on Weibo! He’s one of the hosts for Talking to Hollywood (对话好莱坞), a (to quote him) “new show for film fans in China all about Hollywood movies.” His fellow host is Betty Zhou, a bilingual hostess/actress who’s also producing the series.

Chen Bolin with battery charging tattoo

陳柏霖: 充電的必要

Chen Bolin showed off his new foot tattoo, which I’m sure the electronically addicted among you can relate to. I’m still reeling in shock after the confirmation that he, Ariel Lin, and Vic Chou will indeed be collaborating for the Go Lala Go! sequel.

The need to recharge

Zhu Dan playing with Tony Yang when filming OB-GYNS

楊祐寧YOYANG: 難怪醒來時,覺得自己的維C很滿 // 朱丹: 杨医生做完手术,一直叫嚷着要吃水果,但太累的他瞬间……于是,体贴的叶医生决定实现他的愿望[偷乐][偷乐]@楊祐寧YOYANG @周播栏目爱的妇产科

Actress Zhu Dan took some hilarious photos with Tony Yang when the two were filming for their new weekly series OB-Gyns (爱的妇产科).

Zhu Dan: Doctor Yang just finished an operation. He kept shouting that he wanted to eat fruit, but he was so tired that in the blink of an eye… Therefore, the considerate Doctor Ye decided to make his wishes come true.
Tony Yang: No wonder when I woke up, I felt like my Vitamin C levels were very full.

Allen Su makes fun of Zhang Yuan

苏醒AllenSu: 测智商的 鉴定完毕 // 至上励合张远: 我认为这个软件很客观~

And now for some boyband love! Zhang Yuan put up a screencap from, a website that tries to guess the ages of people in photographs. Everyone else in Top Combine landed in the 20-something range, but Zhang Yuan, who actually just celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday, somehow turned into an 18-year-old! He was quite happy about that… until his good friend Allen Su stepped in.

Zhang Yuan: I feel like this software is very objective~
Allen Su: It measures IQ. End of evaluation.

By the way, if it feels like you haven’t seen the Top Combine boys in much lately, they’ll be in a new web series titled Weeping Garden (流泪花园). After watching the trailer, I’m still not sure what the show is supposed to be about… but it starts airing on Tencent on June 4.

MIC檀健次JC-T: 哈哈 好紧张。。是这样的 檀健次有了一个新的名字 其实我已经默默的改了名字有一阵了 自己适应了一段日子 现在也要告诉你们!希望你们可以记住并且接受我的新名字 以后记得要叫我@檀兮尔 哦!

As if it weren’t enough to already have a unique name in a population of 1.3 billion,  M.I.C.‘s Tan Jianci announced a name change to the even stranger name Tan Xi’er 檀兮尔 (xī ěr). Zhao Yongxin has already nicknamed him 仙儿 (xian’er, but pronounced like xī er slurred together in Beijing dialect), and their manager has already moved on to 鑫儿 (xīn er, with Zhao Yongxin’s xin, but also sounds like xi’er if you slur it together differently). No reason was given for the change, or why he didn’t change his Weibo name, instead creating a new one (without the family name M.I.C. !).

Haha, so nervous … It’s like this : Tan Jianci has a new name. I’ve secretly changed my name for a while to get used to it, and now I’ll tell you, too! I hope you’ll remember and accept my new name, remember to call me @Tan Xi’er!

MIC王浩Phibian:公元1987五月十七诞生一个奇迹,虽然没有太大作为但他一直非常努力,很多人觉得他放下音乐学习做生意,其实他在寻找两者结合最完美的契机,他喜欢hiphop、poppin也许还有更多。 他喜欢纹街头不管别人怎么说。有一种信仰,他会永远记着,MIC的旗帜永远会在天空飘着。谁知盘中餐,我们到锄了多少禾 。 谢谢留下来的你们一直用心叫着。接下来的时间还是交给我们五个。一直期待未来,有我们一直陪着。Peace out (off?) . M.I.C., do it.

It was a triple birthday for M.I.C. on the 17th as team captain Wang Hao, top dog Bass, and original dog Shoggy celebrate their birthdays. For his birthday, Wang Hao sang a rap to thank his fans. Parts of transcription thanks to 时间解开尘封的X. Listen to it here.

AD 1987 May 17th gave birth to a miracle.
Although he’s made no big marks, but he’s never said uncle.
A lot of of people think he gave up on music to do business, but he’s just looking for the perfect synthesis.
He likes hip-hop, popping, and may even more.
He likes tattoos, street style, of what others think he doesn’t care.
There’s a belief  he’ll always remember, for M.I.C.’s flag will always fly high in the sky.
Thank you for those who still remain, using your heart to  scream.
Who knows the food on the plate, came as a result of how many grains we’ve planted. ** reference to poem Toiling Farmers
In the time remaining, leave it to us five.  Look forward to the  future, with us by your side.
Peace out.
M.I.C.,  do it.

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  1. Are you sure you’re not crying over Huang Xiaoming? :P
    Wow, so many couples – did not except Fan Bingbing and Li Chen to get together! As for Zhang Xinyi and Yuan Hong – let’s see if the chemistry is reflected in Princess Jieyou, muahahahaha…

  2. FBB actually chose Li Chen over Aarif Lee? Must’ve been really awkward and painful for Aarif during filming of Empress of China and Running Man.

    • Given that they’re filming Guo Jingming’s Legend of Ravaging Dynasties together, I don’t think they’re on bad terms. We don’t know if they were ever dating.

  3. Congrats to all the couples, I like happy news.

    Weibo’s search was hot with “Wo Men” and many rumours and accusations surround the BingChen couple…

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