The Assassin releases stills

Just what we need.  Another English title that has the word “assassin.”

It seems like forever since Taiwan has made a period martial arts flick that has caught my attention.  The Assassin is a Taiwan-mainland co-production directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien and starring Shu Qi, Chang Chen, Ethan Ruan, and Satoshi Tsumabuki.  The film is set in the Tang dynasty and bagged Best Director and the Soundtrack Award at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.  Sneak peak clip of the film here.

More stills below the cut.

I’m actually not sure. Is that supposed to be a blade in her hand?

It’s about time Shu Qi did another period film… >:(

Either I’ve been around too much or that thing on the left makes it look like he’s about to smoke hookah.

Maybe I need some fresh air…

… He smoked and now he’s having a banquet because he has the munchies… and I can’t make up my mind on what he’s smoking…

You might want to see a dermatologist to make sure that isn’t cancer…

…. not that I should be saying anything since I’m just an old fogey on a journey with no sunblock.

2 thoughts on “The Assassin releases stills

  1. Pretty interesting! It’s been a REALLY long time since Taiwan’s produced anything. period. That’s caught my attention at all. I’ve sort of given up on Taiwan since a lot of my fav Taiwanese actresses have moved their work to Mainland China. I don’t tend to like Taiwanese dramas…they’re very…dramatic. And over the top. Most of the time at least.

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