Music Monday: May 25, 2015

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

I’ve been listening to too much indie recently and haven’t been able to find a way to embed them (Xiami!!! Expand to the U.S. already!) , so most of the songs are theme songs this week, including ballads by Zhou Bichang, Aska Yang, and S.H.E.  Rounding up the group are a song from Zhou Ziyan‘s debut album and electric rock from Yaoband‘s new album.

But more importantly, here’s an awesome cursing song, Death Comes Early for the Handsome 长得帅死得快,  for Detective Di Renjie 名侦探狄仁杰 aka the only good new series this year so far.

If it weren’t for that starry night is a beautiful ballad by composer Xiaoke, but I don’t think it really brings out Zhou Bichang‘s awesomeness.

Also from  composer Xiaoke is Aska Yang‘s I’ve Changed, I didn’t Change 我变了,我没变 for Jingdong Mall.  The title captures my fickleness during shopping perfectly.

S.H.E. sings the theme for upcoming film The Ark of Mr.Chow  少年班. I know this film is set in the 80’s or something, but is it really necessary for all three ballads to sound like they were made in the 80’s? I really want new people to get into the OST business (cough, eeMedia, cough).

Breaking off the ballad monotony even more is perhaps one of the most narcissistic song ever. Yaoband‘s Mine 我 consists solely of lyrics of how “I” am the best thing to happen to the world.


One of the most visually and musically interesting MV’s from ZHou Bichang, Fish Can 鱼罐头. I want more of this from her.

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