Zhang Han, Park Min-young face the Braveness of the Ming


Finally, a male timetraveller! I thought those became extinct in 2011 when Gong and BBJX came out.

For all my love of  female leads, it’s kind of exciting to finally get a male protagonist in a timetravelling internet novel adaptation, partly because all the female leads  used their knowledge to juggle princes rather than  the world.   Croton Media (Boss & Me) and Juxin Media is set to adapt  Braveness of the Ming  锦衣夜行, and has released its concept posters today, announcing its cast of Zhang Han, Park Min-young (City Hunter), Jones Xu Zhengxi, and Wei Qianxiang. Zhang Han would’ve been my top choice for this role, the rest of the cast is pretty,  and Croton has never failed me yet,  so I’m definitely psyched.

17 thoughts on “Zhang Han, Park Min-young face the Braveness of the Ming

  1. Park Min Young is my Choice for this Nostalgic Chinese Historical Drama.. PMY adorable-angel-beauty in her Chinese Ming Dynasty Costumes.. spectacular.and her presence, exubient personality is perfectionist.. I wish you all the best PMY in your flawless acting endeavours and Blessings to the Braveness of the Ming/Silk’s writer / casts / production crew.. . as I await when the Production is released in 2016.. it will be an EPIC CHINESE DRAMA 2016… Love and support **Park Min Young*** Fighting ::)

  2. Love Zhanghan!! …AND Park Min Young! PMY is an incredible actress and Zhanghan makes any show great. So I’m a fan. Please keep us posted on this movie.

  3. I am glad that Suzy is not in. Her acting is still very limited. The difference in language will make her acting is more limited.

    • In the Entertainment Industry these days its good to explore & challenge oneself to excel their Working Acting Abilities in Asia & Abroad.. Im excited that Park Min Young is able to debut in her very first Chinese Drama.. its an experience that will enhance her acting career as she has all the fine qualities to be the best that she can be.. and I admire her courage, integrity and her determination as she has on her own merits become a very talented Korean Actress.. PMY is an AMAZING human being.. and I wish the Production and PMY all the BEST in their endeavours & I cant wait to WATCH it once they release the C-Drama 2016..Fighting…. It will be spectacular:)

  4. I’m so glad that Suzy declined the offer to become female lead. I feel that she doesnt fit well into periode dramas. Park Min young has a face for periode drama and a good actress. She has some resembles to Janine Chang, I think she would be well received in China.

    Anyways So I’m looking forward to this drama, especially the Ming Dynasty setting!

    • Yes I truly believe that Park Ming Young has that certain aura about her, quality that defines how PMY justs fits in that historic period/era her presence with calmness, finesse & poise..I too hope that China will embrace PMY with open hands, as she has a lovely tranquil heart/soul, * her angelic smile is breathtaking…

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