Music Monday: May 18, 2015


Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Brighten your Monday up with a fun tune from Aarif Rahman, a cute family zoo song from Fan Weiqi, a powerful rock ballad from A-mei,  songs of friendship from  RTA Xu Hao X Zhu YuanbingMa Haisheng and M.I.C.‘s Tan Jianci.

A-mei sets fire to the patriarchy in her epic song and MV Matriarchy 母系社會

Aarif Rahman composed this catchy theme, Goda Goda, for the not-so-catchy show with Ma Tianyu, Lin Zhiling, et al.  He even sounds like Wang Leehom.

New mom Fan Weiqi sings an adorable family song  comparing a family to a forest of animals for Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei’s Tiger Mom and Kitten Dad.

Did you know that parts of RTA boyband was still together? The two better looking of the group are now a duo, creatively named  Xu Hao X Zhu Yuanbing. Here’s their latest single. Is it just me or do they still look like they’re in middle school?

But you know what’s a better-sounding duo? M.I.C.‘s Tan Jianci and Ma Haisheng in Love in Tiny Times 爱在小时代 for the musical.  There’s also a version that I actually like better with Tan Jianci and Coke Lee here, but you get to see less of Jianci’s pretty face.


Wei Chen‘s Warm Snow (Hot-blooded) 热雪 for Tiny Times. Who sings it better, Wei Chen or Tan Jianci?

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