Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan to star in new drama Love, Up in the Air

“Another point for heteronormativity! A fake gay lover is 100% the only way to ignore your wife! “

Source: Yu Zheng’s Weibo
I thought it couldn’t get any worse when Yu Zheng decided to make Lv Zhi and Xiang Yu lovers…but he continues to shock us all. No doubt inspired by Love Across Time, Yu Zheng is also putting together a “story within a story” drama (sans the time travel). Welcome to Love, Up in the Air 云巅之上, where Yuan Shanshan is an aspiring actress (Jian Xi) pitted against Chen Xiao’s cocky A-list celeb. (Oh yeah, she’s also looking for her birth mother in Beijing).

According to the synopsis, archaeologists find the grave of Dong Xian  in 2016, and within it, the truth behind Emperor Ai of Han’s “passion of the cut sleeve.” A famous director reads about the findings and decides to film a movie based off of this story, selecting the big name Tang Fei (Chen Xiao) and the new face Jian Xi (Yuan Shanshan) to play the lead roles. Tang Fei is a guy; Jian Xi is a girl – how do Dong Xian and our meta-story come in?

“Emperor Ai loved Fu Ji deeply, but pushed her away on purpose for political reasons. He hoped that when he executed the Fu clan, he would be able to preserve her life – but the Empress Dowager Fu insisted on sending her into the palace, hoping to use her to control the emperor. Emperor Ai used Dong Xian as a cover-up, but Fu Ji did not know of this, and her love turned to hate. She chose to help her family seek power. Emperor Ai, heartbroken, refused to speak the truth even when he died. Dong Xian, however, secretly recorded everything.”

I’m actually really annoyed that Yu Zheng (of course it’s Yu Zheng) decided to “play” with history this way – this is Emperor Ai of Han, probably the most overtly homosexual sovereign in Chinese history. He’s the guy whose adoration for Dong Xian sparked the saying “passions of the cut sleeve” as an epithet for homosexuality! …Yu Zheng, he was gay! Why are you doing this?

I  would really love to see a director make a movie or drama about Murong Chong and Fu Jian, or actually Dong Xian and Emperor Ai – alas, no such luck!

More pictures of the costume fitting, more pictures of an otherwise generic female lead.

13 thoughts on “Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan to star in new drama Love, Up in the Air

  1. ok im gonna go out on a limb here the story isn’t THAT cliche, especially compared to the other rather simple love stories in the tv industry (still kinda ordinary in the online fiction world, but then online fiction is always one step ahead). but the main problem is again why is he changing history he could have picked other emperors that are legit straight i mean there are like over 200 chinese emperors come on and not one fit his criteria??
    also i mightttt have read a similar plotline in one of the online novels not sure which one tho

  2. I thought that woman(YSS) was going to be Empress Dowager Fu instead. She looks old.Chen Xiao is good actor for his age range. But no idea why he is sticking to Yu Zheng. Or he is forced to.

    • Where would he go? He used to be in Huayi and he had nothing there. Now he’s got movies and dramas, and Yu Zheng makes his dreams (Yang Guo) come true.

      • Come to think of it.It is true. YZ helped him.How could he betray/reject him? That’s quite a big game Chen Xiao is playing…
        Whatever, YZ directs,There will be crazy response,hence popularity will follow.
        But,will be a bit difficult for actors to get respectable credits no matter how good the acting is because criticism on other areas over-powered this credits.

  3. Yu Zheng has the perfect recipe for disaster and how to ruin history. Seems like Chen Xiao is his go to man, he’s appearing in every dramas that Yu Zheng either direct or as script writer (?). I think I’ll pass this.

    Omg! I cant believe the Chinese Drama Commitee (??) allow this, but not time travelling. Or Da Mo Yao plot with Wu Wei Ji. GAH! I

  4. YSS got so much plastic surgeries I don’t even recognise her at first.
    The plot is so cliché really. I’m not interested in this one so I’ll pass.

  5. he’s at it again. what do we expect anyway? I even wouldn’t be surprised if his return of condor heroes included bestiality…

    • I think becoz he always ruin the history with added the gay story, the beauty surgeon in ancient drama (the drama with yang rong as lead, such a horrible drama i think) and sometimes he steals the other author. like the last time the problem between him and chiung yao, he was accused using one of chiung yao’s part of story into his project without permission. And many others author also have a problem with him like tong hua.

    • I don’t think it’s just that he warps history. I think it is more that he blatantly plagiarizes or copies other people’s ideas and does not give them credit for it. See Bu Bu Jing Xin, etc.

    • Because he frequently distorts history, makes too colorful clothes and make-up that are not suitable for ancient films and uses ideals of other articles with out asking them. Yu Zheng’s films makes my eyes uncomfortable due to their pink and blur style.

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