More abs and suits from Tiny Times 4.0

You’re the one, Neo!

As the person who started the whole release-a-character-poster-a-day game, Guo Jingming can always be counted on with more gorgeous photoshoots than you can imagine (seriously, the musical had better photoshoots than most dramas). Tiny Times 4: Soul’s End 灵魂尽头 released yet another photoshoot of its male cast of Chen Xuedong, Vivian Dawon, Ren Youming, Lee Hyunjae, and Jiang Chao, this time with shirts on (occasionally).

P.S. Did you know the first two Tiny Times are free on Hulu and Netflix? The fourth is expected to air in theaters in North America.

3 thoughts on “More abs and suits from Tiny Times 4.0

  1. These teasers look really high-class and well done. Guo jingming really has an eye for directing movies and writing novels for teens/20s youngsters.

    • He’s too busy setting up betting rings. The Chinese websphere actually spends all day guessing when, what, and who he’ll announce next of his gazillion projects.

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