JJ Lin Rocks Beijing On His ‘Timeline’ World Tour


If you don’t count being assaulted by a crazy fan to start off the new year, it’s a great year so far for JJ Lin. On his ‘Timeline’ world tour to promote his latest album ‘Genesis,’ JJ rocked Beijing last Saturday in a 3 hour concert. With a revisit to all his old songs, talking to the audience, and surprises planned by his official fan club, the surprise guest of the concert turned out to be Jung Yong-hwa, the Korean artist JJ paired up with to deliver the song ‘Checkmate.’ The two sang songs including JJ’s top hits ‘Practice Love,’ ‘The Gardens,’ and of course, ‘Checkmate.’



During the concert, JJ danced, sang, rapped, showed off his talent at playing numerous instruments, and took time to make quirky jokes. The stadium was filled with people singing and cheering along, and the air was hyped up and the energy was buzzing. Beijing, consider yourself rocked!

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If you’re in Asia, catch him on his next tour stop!

9 thoughts on “JJ Lin Rocks Beijing On His ‘Timeline’ World Tour

  1. I was born in the wrong country, on the wrong continent! Why?? So jealous of all those who were able to go to his concert!

  2. It’s not easy, being an international fan, especially during “world” tours . . .
    (although perhaps I have been watching some video clips, hehehe)

  3. ahh so jealous!!! i would have loved to see him live and doing all his great hits and what not!! I think it would be a great experience! By the way, does Yonghwa know Chinese? or JJ Lin know Korean? other than that, I’m so envious. I really want a concert here in the states where I can see Chinese artists perform!! Thanks for sharing!!

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