Music Monday: May 11, 2015

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This Monday we bring a bubblegum pop song from cutie Li Yifeng, a disconcerting piece from Laure Shang, a cheerful (?!) break-up song from M.I.C.’s Zhao Yongxin, a comfort food rnb song from Liu Sihan, and a flashback to the past from rap artist Jony J.

A catchy jingle from  Li Yifeng to ward off the Monday tiredness:

M.I.C.’s Zhao Yongxin released yet another MV, 那个他 That Guy. This version is English subbed, but you can also watch it with Spanish, Pinyin, and Vietnamese subs. Zhao Yongxin claims he will be out of touch for a while to focus on his composing. Excited to hear what new songs he comes up with!

Laure Shang’s theme song for Red Amnesia  is produced by Grammy-winning  David Kosten and sounds just as mysterious and  jarring as  you would expect from a song of that title or any song by her.

Fellow Francophile, Chinese Idol‘s Koala Liu Sihan, released a much more cheerful song in  Oh! Let it be. She has a gorgeous deep voice, and her music’s been stellar since joining Seed.


It’s so rare to find a rapper whose lyrics does not give me second-hand embarrassment the entire time, so Jony J  豆芽 was definitely an exciting find.   Here’s one of my favorites by him,  My City for his city Nanjing ft Gu Jie.

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  1. i forgot about Music Mondays!! i really need this. Really need to get back in my Chinese music grind. So i’m glad there are these, and also being introduced to other people and not just the “pop” side. so thanks a lot!! :D

  2. Thanks for all the M.I.C. news. It’s kind of hard for English-only speakers to get updates or whatnot about them.

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