Chen Xiang handsome in Whirlwind Girl

DUE, want

Look at this face and tell me why he has no good lead roles yet.

Now that my previous actor bias Yang Yang has finally made it, Chen Xiang is probably replacing him.  Not only is he so pretty, but he really makes every role spark (even BuBuJingQing,  which even A-list actors fail  to make interesting).  His latest role in  Whirlwind Girl with Yang Yang  is yet another completely different role, an aloof heir with revenge and love on his agenda.  More prettiness below the cut.

11 thoughts on “Chen Xiang handsome in Whirlwind Girl

  1. wow, i have not been updated about him, and he still looks good as ever. i’m glad to see he’s still acting and is around. :D i really need to check out his other dramas, as i’ve only really seen a bit of “Hello Summer” and very little of (not airing?/ or is airing but not sure?) “Runaway Sweetheart”. so i will definitely have to check this out… especially sing Yang Yang is in it too!!! hehe. :D thanks a lot!!

    • Hello Summer is horrible… but I highly recommend him in 淑女之家, which is finally available in HD online! The series overall is one of the better Chinese mystery dramas, and Chen Xiang was very charming in it.

      • lol i figure Hello Summer may be horrible because how the direction and the many stories within it seemed like, but i will definitely check out 淑女之家! and hopefully it has eng sub. i really do need new shows to watch. lol thanks again!! =]

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