Weibo Wednesday: May 6, 2015

Wang Leehom for L'Officiel Hommes

王力宏: 你!你!你!這樣指指點點不禮貌喔![不要][不要][不要][不要]

If there’s anything better than one Wang Leehom, it’s four Wang Leehoms. Here he is poking fun at himself in a recent photoshoot for L’Officiel Hommes.

You! You! You! It’s not polite to point like that!

Leehom also randomly started posting sheet music for his songs, starting with “Your Love” (你的愛), the title track from his new album. If you play violin, viola, cello, or bass, and have been dying to learn how to play his music, check out the link!

Magician Lu Chen (Liu Qian) with newlywed wife

刘谦: 系統自動轉發喜事

Magician Lu Chen (also written as Liu Qian) announced his marriage to Wang Xiyi, who is reportedly a print media model, a previous member of UP Girls, and a third-generation descendant of the Family Li Imperial Cuisine restaurant business. She is 27 years old, ten years Lu Chen’s junior, and the two dated for two years before tying the knot.

The system automatically passes on the wedding news

Xiu Jiekai with wife and daughter

修杰楷shiou: 謝謝你,小天使,ㄧ路陪伴著我們ㄧ起迎接另一個小小天使的到來~謝謝你,媽咪,謝謝你讓我成爲最幸運的人~我會用我的幸運,轉換成幸福,讓我們一起擁有!

Taiwanese actor Xiu Jiekai also announced some happy news: he successfully proposed to actress Alyssa Chia last month in Japan, and the two are expecting a daughter! The couple posted some cute pics with Alyssa’s daughter from her previous marriage. She is currently about five months pregnant.

Thanks to you, my little angel who has been with us this whole time. Together we welcome the arrival of another little, little angel~ Thanks to you, Mommy, thank you for letting me become the luckiest man~ I will use my luck and transform it into happiness, so that we all can have it together!

Nicky Wu with dog Xiaolongbao

吴奇隆TD: 我們家添新成員了 請叫他”小隆包”

Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi also have happy news! No, Shishi is not pregnant. They just got a dog, who is affectionately named “Xiaolongbao” (like the yummy soup dumplings that everyone gets at Din Tai Fung). Instead of the usual character for long (笼), however, they’ve replaced it with the long in Nicky’s Chinese name (隆).

A new member has been added to our family. Please call him “Xiaolongbao.”

王诗龄Angela: Angela和Angelababy!

As for our slightly older kids, baby Angela and Angelababy pose for a cute photo together.

Angela and Angelababy!

Cindy Tian Yucheng in a pretty dress

田亮: 拖地长裙,女神范儿[爱你],穿上这个在家里跑了几圈,地板瞬间干净好多[doge],真是好孩子[good]。

Tian Liang posted a photo of his daughter, Cindy Tian Yucheng, looking mighty like a princess in a beautiful long dress.

A full-length dress, the paradigm of a goddess. She ran around in the house after putting this on, and the floors suddenly became much cleaner. Such a good child.

倪妮V: 我想,每一个武林大师在变成绝世高手的道路上都会经历这个阶段吧……

Ni Ni shows how ready she is to defeat the Huns as she trains for her new film Mulan The Warrior’s Gate (勇士之门).

I think every martial arts master has to go through this stage on his road to a master.

Crystal Liu Yifei filming the sequel of So Young

刘亦菲: Day one

Crystal Liu Yifei gave fans their first glimpse as a high school student in Turns Out You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里), her movie with Kris Wu Yifan. Currently in the filming stages, Still Here is being billed as a sequel-of-sorts to 2013’s So Young despite its different cast of characters, since the source novel is also written by Xin Yiwu and the story deals with similar themes.

@至上励合张远:还记得至上励合唱着棉花糖还是小鲜肉的时候,到现在已经出道第七个年头了,今晚拿到内地最佳,心中并无所谓傲娇,作为新生代中国内地组合的代表之一,有多不容易只有我们心里清楚,这个奖属于所有一直坚持到现在不放弃的中国内地组合!谢谢@音悦台 ,谢谢不放弃我们的歌迷,放心,我们会继续坚持下去…

China’s top boybands meet up for at Yinyuetai‘s Music Awards in mid-April, where heartfelt words was exchanged. Top Combine‘s Zhang Yuan writes a comment that gives support to all mainland boybands. (This was before Ma Xueyang ruined the atmosphere by posting on Weibo thanking eeMedia for its support the past eight years and saying those years would be the hardest to forget… don’t leave us dangling like this, Xueyang! What’s going on???)

For an example, just look at this group photo of Jason Fu of the former JL, Top Combine , and M.I.C.,  and how many people they’re missing.

@Zhang Yuan: I still remember when Top Combine was still new and singing Cotton Candy, now it’s been seven years since our debut. Tonight we got best mainland group. We’re not filled with so called pride. As one of the new wave of  mainland groups, we know how hard it is. This award belongs to all mainland groups who’ve fought on and not given up! Thanks to Yinyuetai, thanks to fans who have not given up on us. Don’t worry, we’ll continue the fight …

MIC赵大胆儿Bass:社交名狗的难你们懂吗?刚刚赶完演出,后台又偶遇 @TFBOYS-易烊千玺 @TFBOYS-王源 @TFBOYS-王俊凯 三小只,还被至上励合的三个帅葛格 @至上励合刘洲成kenny @至上励合小五金恩圣 @至上励合小五金恩圣 勾引,我还是最喜欢@葉少琥 导演,把我跟爸爸的MV拍的帅帅的!可是爸爸,妈妈在哪儿啊?

It’s so cute how they’re all friends with each other.     Did you know that Jason Fu and Liu Zhoucheng were once roomies in college? Watch them in an interview together along with M.I.C.’s Steelo, where Jason continues to profess his love for Zhao Yongxin while Liu Zhoucheng introduced himself as  “Top Combine’s Tan Jianci”.   It’s funny that Zhao Yongxin said Jason Fu used to be obsessed with Chi Yuehan, because does anyone else think parts of Shaky Party were ripped from Yuehan’s Hangover Part 2?

They’ve  Joining the group is TF Boys in a group photo with Top Combine, director Ye Shaohu, and M.I.C.’s Steelo and Bass the dog.  Yes, we’re now translating Weibo posts by dogs.

@MIC Zhao Bass: Do you know how hard it is to be a celeb dog? Just finished performing, met the three cuties from TF Boys, and got flirted at by the three hotties from Top Combine, but I still love director Ye Shaohu the best because he made Daddy super handsome in his MV! But daddy, where’s mommy?

MIC赵泳鑫Steelo: 感谢音悦台 感谢音悦V榜 给肯定 给动力 结束后给了Bass一个大大的拥抱 更感动好闺蜜从上海飞来站台 爱你们 @音悦台 @音悦V榜 @MIC赵大胆儿Bass @MIC檀健次JC-T

Yes, Tan Jianci, where are you in all the photos? The mysterious Tan Jianci showed up halfway throughout his and Steelo‘s duet and is gone from all group photos. He returned to Beijing especially for Steelo in the middle of Tiny Times the musical rehearsals three weeks before its opening. Here’s a fancam of the catchy song between him and Ma Haisheng’s Gu Yuan.

As for Steelo, he was too caught up with his family reuniting to really care about the future of the music business.

@MIC Zhao Yongxin Steelo : Thanks to yinyuetai and the awards for the support. After I finished I gave Bass a big hug, and is especially touched by my bestie flying in from Shanghai to support me.  Love you @Yinyuetai @Yinyuetai Awards @MIC Zhao Bass   @MIC Tan Jianci JC-T

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  1. I don’t know why, but I always assumed that group members lived together. Interesting that Liu Zhoucheng and Jason are roommates. Also, Wei Chen posted thanking EE Media for the past eight years, too, I think.
    I hope Top Combine isn’t breaking up. +_+

    • Oops, they’re not living together anymore. They were roomies back in college

      I really hope they don’t break-up. As much as I like them, I don’t think they’ll do better solo unless they have a significantly better company and get either really songs or be like Leo of JL and have really good roles.

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