Forever Young release character posters


Get your Forever (Young) Stamps now and use them any time!

Host He Jiong‘s directorial debut Forever Young 栀子花开2015 finished filming last month and released a set of character posters.  The film focuses on the story of a high school (?) band consisting of Li Yifeng, Jiang Jinfu, Zhang Yunlong, Chai Ge, Calvin Du .  The female cast is stellar cast of film leads, including Coming Homes Zhang Huiwen ,The Rooftop‘s Li Xin’ai, Summer of BubblesZhang Yuxi, and Song Yi.

It seems like everyone’s becoming a director these days, but I don’t mind if these celebs are all using their fame to promote young and talented actors.  Also Zhang Yuxi is gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “Forever Young release character posters

  1. The posters come out early? or is it how it works in releasing posters/teasers for Chinese movies? It’s premiering on July so it’s two months before release date.

  2. The posters are so pretty! They look really artsy. But also they feel pretty dramatic, which doesn’t really sound like it matches up with the summary of the movie…

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