Music Monday: May 4, 2015

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

First, Jane Zhang is singing the English theme for the Terminator 5!  Apparently that’s why she missed out on the I am a Singer finale.

Meanwhile,  here is one more of those  pretty theme songs she excels at. The song is written by up-and-rising musician Xu Ziwei, who also wrote the  theme song for upcoming Chen Xiao drama Twilight of the Empire :

Wang Xiaomin is gorgeous in black & white as she fits Song-dynasty poetry to soft rnb:

Sing My Song’s  Huo Zun also likes poetry, but he prefers the Tang.  Here is his A Poem of Tang in English. I’m not sure how I feel about the English.

Hip-hop artist Chinflow (Yang Fan) and Yaoband‘s Zhang Jinghao sing a surprisingly optimistic song The Power of Hope. Yes, this is the same Yang Fan who penned the lyrics to M.I.C.’s let’s-have-sex-until-sunrise-at My Place. Apparently Yuehan have already composed it to be a cheerful and upbeat song, but then he made the mistake of getting Yang Fan to write the lyrics. …

One of our long-time favorite duos, Milk@Coffee, is back with another sweet and mellow song Why Miss the Past 何必怀念:

Finally, for something fun, a You’re My Sunshine rendition of  Good Sister Band 好妹妹乐队’s classic I hope all lovers are long-lost siblings 祝天下所有的情侣都是失散多年的兄妹 :

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