M.I.C. Xiaoxin, Jianci, puppy perform Ladybro live!

I guess no one wears the pants in this relationship.

If you want to fanservice right, the least you could do is get rid of the blanket.

Watching Xiaoxin chase an over-hyper Jianci around the stage while carrying a 50 pound dog was totally worth getting up early and sitting through a hour of terrible lives.

M.I.C.‘s  Zhao Yongxin and Tan Jianci  finally performed  their duet Bestie/Ladybro live, this time remixed with Xiaoxin’ solo Super Daddy.  Both songs are written and produced by the ridiculously talented Xiaoxin and arranged by Elemum Chau. Someday, Xiaoxin, I’ll hold my own award ceremony and you’ll get best producer.

Live below, English translation of lyrics, and more photos below the cut.  Let’s be honest, the best part was Bass’ wtf face the entire time.


There’s also translations from mictianya@youtube, but I needed this to fill space to put more pictures, and I’ve already did the translations, so here they are…

Yeah this is for my homie
Thanks for TR let us know each other  *TR = Taihe Rye, their company
Steelo.Z . Yeah, Steelo
and JC-T  ah
Show me what it is

So here’s the question,
what’s a bestie?
I’ve got a homie, you know what, from M.I.C.
Everywhere he goes he’s the center of attention,
his moves brings everyone to their feet,
baby face, ginormous muscles, his killer soap
treats all your problems by helping you to let it go
He’s super slow in everything,
even when he blinks it’s in slow-mo
He doesn’t like to make plans,
and goes crazy for seafood
One move and you’re taken captive,
and I’ve got nowhere to go.
One look and it’s all screams,
you’ll daydream straight to Hollywood

He is got his own style
got his own style
Got the ballroom dancing championship
You know I’m talking about JC-T.

The world is huge,
but it’s not that complicated
Even in rain and thunder,
I’ll walk you home safely
Even if the world explodes,
and I’m no longer Ironman,
One look and I’ll back you up
Ladybro I got a ladybro
Ladybro you got a ladybro
Ladybro got a ladybro
Ladybro lalala ladybro
Backing you up

Yeah right that’s me
but I gotta say
Let me introduce this Virgo,
Cooking, beauty, spa, and cleaning, he’ll never say he’s tired
It’s unbelievable.
He’s got a huge temper, but handle everything like a Super Daddy
His height is over 180,
his hair is a bit all over the place
but when talking about being considerate and attentive,
he’s much better than all my sisters
And he’s always nagging, nagging, nagging
But luckily there’s Super Bass,
who’s an even better match than me
He is got his own style got his own style
Like a prince charming in your dream
Calling you Steelo. Z

I’ll tell all my secrets in the bottom of my heart to him,
let him solve my puzzles
Even if he’s got no real advice,
he’ll hang with me until bedtime.

Homie, let me get your back
I know you’ll got my back

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