God of War Lin Gengxin falls for SNSD Yoona in new trailer


None of these people are dressed like they’re from the same show.

Co-production God of War released its first trailer today. It was kind of boring and focused too much on the romance between leads Lin Gengxin and Yoona, but I expect the actual thing to be better given how good their previous work has been.

Other cast members include Gulinazha, Kim Jeonghoon,Godfrey Gao,  Jia Qing, Zhao Hanyingzi,  Yan Yikuan, Sun Xiaoxiao, and  Yang Le (as Zhuge Liang!).

6 thoughts on “God of War Lin Gengxin falls for SNSD Yoona in new trailer

  1. as a diehard fan of zhao yun and lin geng xin i feel obligated to watch this piece of crap.

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i know lin gengxin needs more public recognition buttttttt i srsly thought there were better options for him than….. this….

  2. I like that lin gengxin finally got the attention he wanted as male lead. but C-drama should stop recruiting Korean actors for this, they just don’t fit into the cast. I know it gives good ratings, but what is the point with it when the plot sucks?

    I expected more action from God of War rather than showing off Yoona in there.

  3. i like lin gengxin, i like zhao zilong either novel or history version … but lin gengxin as zhao zilong is somehow … not suitable~? ah, but whatever just enjoy it, visually entertaining drama anyway :D

  4. The truth is Yoona only knows how to smile beautifully…and cry beautifully…and stun beautifully.
    She will show to how to act in drama using ONLY these actions. Enjoy.

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