Lady Zhaojun Dance Drama releases trailer

Apart from making birds fall from the sky with her beauty, Zhaojun’s body was apparently resistant to heat with how often she is portrayed in a cloak, despite the background weather.

Chinese opera sensation Li Yugang‘s dance drama on Wang Zhaojun, one of the famed four beauties of China famous for entering into a marriage alliance between the Xiongnu and Han dynasty, has released a trailer.  This version seems to draw heavily from not only Chinese opera and dance but also other sources such as modern stage techniques and stage costuming  Be on the lookout for a potential tour should this strike your interest.

More stills below the cut, with captions as always.

Despite the fact that there are debates on the identity of the Xiongnu, that doesn’t mean they were aliens and Wang Zhaojun was beamed up to her new home.

Heck… I don’t know what she is doing… but it’s interesting to look at…

That’s why the trip took so long!!  They were walking in circles!!

… and somehow this more modern interlude will fit in seamlessly…

Seriously… what is with this girl and excessive lengths of cloth…

… and FUR?!?

See, girl, I told you you were going to overheat in all that.  Now even your hair’s gone white from madness because we’re drawing from wuxia influences as well.

OMG.  Dont trip.

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